Winter Course Shenxin Qigong Karlskoga [2017-02-18]

This year’s Winter course was as usual held in Karlskoga. It was the sixth year in a row we held the course at the folk high school and as many participants said it feels like coming home. The calm appeared and you directly went into “Qigong-mood”, as someone said it.

We started the Winter course with a basic course in Shenxin Qigong so that also new participants got the opportunity to participate. Thanks to local initiative the interest for our training have increased in Karlskoga. Both at the lecture and weekend course several people from the surroundings participated.

About half of those who participated in the Winter course also joined the starting basic course over the weekend, the rest joined in on Sunday evening in time for the appreciated lecture. Directly after the lecture the participants started to practice more and more intensely on their own and we continued like that during the lessons. Many have participated in the Winter course several times and practiced for a long time so the concentration and motivation are high. In addition to the scheduled practice we also have the opportunity to practice in the morning and evening, which results in many taking the opportunity to practice a lot.

On the schedule this year we also had two short courses. Xiao Gongfa where we teach small help exercises that you can use in daily life, and Qi-comb regulation, a Qigong method where we use a special comb to regulate our qi. Most of the participants participated in both of these courses.

Finally we finish the nine days by practicing Xing Shen Zhuang for a day, for which the prerequisite is to have participated in Summer course 2.

By practicing a lot in a strong Qi-field we have the opportunity of getting big health improvements. This year’s questionnaire showed that as much as 79% thought that they had gotten a higher energy level on the course. As many felt less stressed and 69% experienced that their physical status had improved. Illustrated in the diagram below.

Diagram Svenska

The participants also shared their improvements: Their sight had marginally improved, nerve damage disappeared and their mood had also improved a lot. Below you can read several of the participants’ comments.


Comments After The Basic Course

Warm Hands
“During Xiao Gongfa I got a correction of how I was sitting and directly after that my hands became warm. They have been cold for a long time.”

Both Hands Equally Warm
“My right hand is usually cold but now both of my hands are equally warm.”

Softer Skin
“A little odd thing – I noticed that my skin gets softer during Qigong courses. When I went to bed yesterday and rubbed my feet against each other they were very soft. They are usually not.”

Operated Knee Better
“This is my first Qigong course. My knee had surgery during the fall and I have had some problems with that. Because of that I was worried for the squats, but it proved to work well. I was happy when we went on lunch brake because my knee felt better.”

Awake and Energetic Despite ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
“Usually I need to sleep until 11-12 am because of ME, but now I have been awake the whole days with good energy level!”


After the Winter Course

Improved Vision
“During this week I have become stronger, calmer and softer. My vision has improved a lot. Before the Winter course my sight was perfect when I wore glasses with a strength of -3,0. In everyday life I wore -2,5 but my vision was not very good in these glasses. I brought several pairs to the course and downgraded to weaker glasses. Now I see sharply in -2,0. It is a huge improvement. I wish that I had brought -1,0 and -0,5 too. I have to think about that before the Summer course. I have also in connection to the Winter course gotten permanently softer in the waist, notice this when I bend the body forward in Shenxin Qigong and Xing Sheng Zhuang.”

DSC 2139440pxNerve Pain Disappeared
“It has been a very nice course. Many things feel better, teaching, practicing and corrections in a strong Qi-field. I am much softer in every direction and have gotten big improvements in my arm. A while before the Winter course I was in a car accident – our car hit an elk. We went to the hospital and fortunately we had no serious injuries. A while after that my arm hurt though. I could keep the pain under control by practicing Qigong but when I did not practice the pain was more difficult. The medical staff called this nerve pain. During the weekend course before the Winter course I noticed a lot of improvements in my arm, so already before the Winter course it was better. After a few days on the course when we practiced Kai He Fa it felt like a bold went through my injured arm. After that all pain disappeared and the arm felt normal again.”

Stronger Arms Despite Repeated Neck Injuries
“Throughout the years I have gotten many good results from Qigong. Despite this I have had problems with my neck. I had whiplash-injuries before I started practicing Qigong and it have gotten better, but I have also hurt my neck several times through the years after I started to practice. This have among things led to me having problems keeping my arms up when we practice e.g. arm training or Shenxin Qigong with more repetitions. My arms then always went numb or shook and suddenly fallen down. When my arms fell I could not get them up for several minutes up to half an hour. First day on the Winter course the problems with neck and arms were the same as usual but worse. But the other day I could do a 4 and then 5 repetition Shenxin. During the rest of the course I managed to do all repetitions with the arms, despite how many we did. That have not happened before! After we came home and I went to the evening practice for Summer course participants I could even manage to do all of the arm training and a six repetition Hold Qi Up in a row! I feel moved and grateful by this.”

Barbro bild440px

Mental and Emotional Improvements
“The most important results for me after the Winter course are the mental and emotional improvements. I have nearly not been angry at all, and not sad at all. I have nearly had any anxiety and when it has come/is coming I have been able to manage the things I am afraid of in a new way. I am starting to conquer life again after many years and no longer get anxiety and other emotions which earlier caused me to brake down, before the course it was like that and had been so for years. Everything are much more stable after the course and I can keep pretty calm all the time and feel pretty good, and work and read with good concentration. My ability to read texts I think is much better than before the course. My transformation is a miracle, as my doctor says.”

Conversations That You Learn From
“I think it is so nice with the different conversations. You speak to people here and there. You can pick up things from everyone and learn from it. You can think about it so the training will improve.”

Blood Pressure Improved
“It has been a very good course with a lot of training, many good long practice sessions and the practice have been focused. I have become softer overall. I was at occupational health service three months ago and my blood pressure was high. It was very high. I have gotten improvements in that region. I can feel that it is lower. That is very good!”

Less Bad Emotions
“When I started to practice Qigong I was no person, only a bunch of defense mechanisms. I have been through pretty much sorrow, anxiety, worry and anger. There was no personality left. Today I feel that I have peeled of one by one and I am much more myself. Qigong has become such a big part of my life and I rely on it in every situation.”

The Uvula Hangs Down, Shoulders and Back More Movable
“Incredibly much have happened during these days. I came here before the basic course with a long wish list. I have always gotten nice improvements when I have practiced. For an example; Two whiplash injuries which have affected the whole body, nerve damage in the neck, breathing and improvements in the singing. But there are things left to improve. My vocal pedagogue is frustrated and wanted me to fix it. So I came here with a number of things he wanted me to fix. He understands that you can order what you want to improve so he wanted me to fix a lot of things. On the soft palate an uvula hangs down. If you have nerve damage it can hang in every possible direction. My hung eight a clock. Now it hung at six thirty, in other words almost straight down. It means that structures inside the neck have changed a lot and that nerves have been fixed so they can relax. If you are a singer this is really important and a very big improvement. I have gotten three very distinct improvements in the neck. The shoulders have fallen down one kilometer it feels like, so I can do the exercises without having to lift up the rest of the body. More movable in the thoracic spine. I have gotten a slimmer waist measurement. I am super duper satisfied! It is so much fun to hear about everybody’s improvements!”

DSC 2128440pxFellowship
“I have had a pretty tough period, both physically and mentally and I am on sick leave for burnout. It is so good to have Qigong. Otherwise when you are home and feel bad you can feel lonely and powerless. Here you are together. That is nice. Thank you!”

Better and Better – Despite Age
“Despite that I am not completely young anymore I am counting on it to get better, that I will be able to do the exercises better. And I can! I am grateful for that you get to experience what you get to experience during the courses and being able to bring that back home. I am so happy to have Qigong. When you get older it is a good fellow to have with you on the journey.”


After Xing Shen Zhuang Practice Day

Very Energetic
“It was clear for me that this was a new part of the course. I became very tired yesterday and got to put an effort into going to the dining hall. After we had practiced yesterday I was instead very energetic, like a Duracell Bunny! I was so filled with energy that I did not really know what to do of myself, practice, work and such.”

Better Than Before
“I think it has been a very nice day of practice. Things have gone very much better than usually when practicing this exercise. Both the Winter course and Summer course practice have helped.”

Strong Qi-regulation
“Yesterday after the Qi-regulation I sat for 40 minutes, enormously much was happening in my right arm which I have got problems with. It was very strong. Very comfortable. Very good practice day with a lot of good corrections.”

DSC 2110440pxHappy About Improvements in the Legs and Back
“I think that this is so much fun because it opens up in the legs and lumbar region and the back. Got very nice corrections so I find things in the back and neck. It is amazing how it can get better and better. All the time more and more. The only pity is that there are no more days. You get to practice at home. Thank you.”

Happier and More Energy
“On the Winter course when we practice this much I think that it is really amazing to do this exercise. You feel so good during these courses, but when I do Xing Shen Zhuang I think that I get even more happier and get more energy. Thank you."

Strong Qi
“As everyone says also I have gotten very good corrections. It was very strong during the Qi-regulation yesterday. So strong I also just sat there. I feel a much greater power now and have more strength. Can come from many things but I think that Three Center Merge have been very good for me. Thanks everyone.

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen