Hold Qi Up Mariehamn [2017-03-18]

On one of the first spring days in Mariehamn a large group of qigong veterans and beginners gathered. We had the privilege of having with us almost everyone who go to the regular group training. This meant that many of us with more experience were able to help the beginners to learn the exercise in detail. They have got many good results that they could share with the newcomers. The course was very much liked.

Below are some comments from the participants after finishing the course:

No longer bothered by migraine

”I started qigong to get help with my migraine. Due to my problems, I could be bedridden as much as 15 days each month. After my first summer course I noticed a change and when I came home I was much better. The migraine came back after some time, but after my second summer course it disappeared almost completely and today I have no symptoms at all. I am very grateful for the help I’ve had through qigong.”

Tingling fingers gone

”This is my first course. What already happened is that the tingling sensation I have had in my fingers since 15 years is gone. I am no longer as cold as I used to be.”

Qigong is a tool for managing life

”This is a fantastic method and a tool for managing life that you always have with you wherever you go. This method has helped me through life.”

”I have been training qigong since 2001. I repeat the course and go to group trainings to keep it up. I have got so much out of training qigong. I feel balanced, stable and strong. I feel I’m an asset to people around me and I can now keep out of other people’s problems and give them support if they need it and want it. Qigong has helped me a lot.”

”This is my second course. I have a shoulder that’s bothering me and I think the training will do me good with the soft movements. I was very tired and worn out when I came to the course, but now, even after only one day, I feel energetic and happy again.”

Help against joint problems

”I have been training qigong for many years and I started to get help for my joint problems. Training qigong has helped me a lot and I am no longer as affected by the illness as before. I have been to many summer courses and I regard it as my rehabilitation. Training have also helped me to become mentally stronger and I find it easier to manage my every day life. I usually go to all courses I can here in Åland. Training together in a group is so rewarding. I often participate in group trainings.”

No longer wakes up in pain

”This is my second course. I was recommended the method by someone I know who has been training qigong for a number of years. I have a serious bowel disease. It is also linked to the problem I have with a shoulder. I no longer have the same kind of trouble in the shoulder, I no longer wake up in pain in the middle of the night and I am able to sleep the whole night through. I will continue training.”

Tormod Langballe