Hold Qi Up 2 Stockholm [2017-03-18]

Hold Qi Up 2 is our continuation course after you have learned the method on a basic course. It is arranged in Stockholm once every spring and autumn, latest this weekend 18-19 of March. The course is popular and not seldom people from both Finland and Norway come to participate, also the case this time. During the course we immerse ourselves in what we learn on the basic course and add additional knowledge that can increase the quality of the training. We also train a lot in our strong qi-field.

Directly after the first course day we had an hour follow up of our first EasyCare for the Eyes – course which we gave in Stockholm in the beginning of January. After joining the follow up practice the training will work even better for those who participated.

Some of the participants’ comments:

More energized

“Last week I joined a course in Norway and now I am here. Feel much more energized and things have been happening in an injured knee.”

Good corrections

“Good course, I have got a good correction of the arm movement forward, the arm feels more straight and the exercise is now more relaxed.”

Relax better in daily life

“Weekends filled with practice are good. I have practiced for a long time, I also joined the summer course training. Now experiencing that I can relax better in daily life, I find the relaxation in the brain and can have use of it.”

Feel good in everyday life

“Good course, there is a social advantage of feeling good in everyday life. I was before a little sad when others had fun, for an example when out for coffee and cakes. Now the problem is gone.”

Relaxed by the practice

“I like the course in Hold qi up 2. Get relaxed by the practice. Before I had problems with my entire body. Now it is mostly a wisdom tooth trying to come out that troubles me.”


“I prioritize participating in Hold qi up 2. Thought of the thing with using qigong as medication in daily life. I have got rid of many allergies but I am still sensitive to scents and to flowers. Recently after I got flowers and felt bad I practiced for half an hour and after that it was much better. Thank you so much.”

The Qi-field

”Thank you for a very nice course. The Qi-field takes up more and more space in my thinking. Nice to have two of my sons here.”

You learn something new every time

”I have taken this course before, you learn something new every course. It has been very relaxing.”

Enjoying the Qi-field

”Nice weekend. I usually enjoy the courses when I participate. I have practiced for so long, so I am just standing and enjoying the Qi-field. Happy and thankful to be here.”

Eye training

“I thought the eye training was very good. Very pedagogical and good to repeat when you knew the exercise. Last time there were so many new things to keep track of. Now you could calmly concentrate.”

Lars Hagner

Hold qi up 2 Stockholm 19.3.2017

Two pictures from when we corrected the movements.

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