TuiNa and Weituo Jin Turku [2016-12]

We have now held a course in TuiNa and Weituo Jin several times in Turku (Åbo). The participants are very satisfied and have therefore asked for the course to return so they can repeat it. As usual there were repeating participants that also brought a long some new interested students. Here are some of their comments.


”Thanks for a very good course. It’s been really fun and I feel that I recovered a lot of energy from it.”

”What I find really fun and interesting with this course is that it has felt so strongly when I have been treated my self and that it felt all throughout my body even when I was treating Frida. That was interesting. But I’ll probably attend the next course as well, because I’m no expert after this. But it’s going to be fun to practice at home.”

”It’s been a good and interesting course. I missed a course in between and now it’s been updated with some new things. It’s interesting to see all the places one can pinch and press to get help with tinnitus. I’m going to continue with that. Thanks for the course. I probably need to get an update again soon.”

”This is the fourth time I’m attending this course. Thank you for a really great course, I like TuiNa a lot and have had great benefits from it. I have pressed myself with good results. I earlier got a lot of help from Hold Qi Up and other qigong-exercises with my headaches, but when I had participated in the first course and started to press myself it became the last steps of getting well, completely. I noticed a huge improvement. I had a lot, lot less headaches. But now, I need to practice regularly and it was good working on finding the right points again. I also felt a lot of energy when I was pressing Maggan. It’s been a really wonderful course. Thank you very much.”

”I’m really fascinated by it, both theoretically and practically. And I think it’s been really fun with this course and I am very satisfied with all of it, the teacher, the other participants and the whole atmosphere. Thank you.”

”This is my first course. I think it has been very interesting and fun to learn a bit of theory too – Qigongtheory. I think I will use some of these points, both on myself and maybe on my friends.”

Weituo Jin

”This is my third time attending this course. After the second one I practised it very frequently for about six months. But then came the holidays and I forgot most of the exercise. But now I’m planning to continue again, hopefully every morning, because I think these movements are good and one gets glad, alert and energetic. Now it’s just straight on to the Christmas cleaning!”

”It’s my first time attending this course. I have liked the motions. They felt good. I have had warm hands, my hands are warm – they are usually always cold – and I feel more alert. I’ll definitely continue training.”

”It is also my first time attending this course. I have planned to attend a lot of times, but it never really fitted with my calender. Maybe it was meant for me to attend it right now, ’cause I really need it now, in my present life situation. I believe it came in very handy. I need power. And I like the motions. The exercise feels very deeply. I’m really going to practice this one. I have an injury in my shoulder that made it self felt and some migraine that’s reminding itself – which is good. And then I noticed that my son who hardly slept a full night this fall, he slept all through last night, good and hard like he never slept before. I woke up before him and had to check for his breathing, it was so unusual – but just a big improvement. So thank you for that result.”

”I’m really happy I came here. It’s been really inspiring with new movements. It feels powerful. I do a lot of sedentary work. I sit all to much in my life. Of course now it feels all over my body that I’ve been doing too much of that. But I’m very glad I came here. Thanks for a good course. I think we got really good instructions.”

”I also want to say thank you for a really good course. It came very handy for me as well. It felt as if I had 9x3 bulls to grab by the horns and like I didn’t really had the time to come, but I know it’s the best one can do and it was great. As for Pia this was my fourth time, and I also been practising WTJ a lot, especially right after the courses. I’ve have always tried to stick to the three months but then comes the summer courses. But I always have picked it up again and combined WTJ with shenxin. It’s a wonderful form of exercise.”

”It’s my first time attending this course. I’m very pleased. The exercise was fun to do. I appreciate that it is a more physical exercise so you can vary your training at home as well. It’s been great to be here and train with all of you. Thank you for that.”

”It’s my first course. It felt very good. I’m going to continue with it as the first exercise in the mornings, before the other exercises. I am lot more alert and calm. Thank you for a really good course and instructions.”

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen