Hold Qi Up Leppola [2016-05-21]

The course premises were idyllically located in the south of Finland, east of Borgå (Porvoo). A home for old people that has been made into a place where courses are held. The participants could also stay there overnight during the course. The participants came both from the local area and from Helsinki. The course was held in the old assembly hall. We have not held courses there before and there were pretty many new joining us. Both the cosy location in the countryside and the participants' spirit lead to a nice and calm course.

Some comments from the participants follow bellow:

Pain in back gone

"Qigong is something for me, it is good for my health. My ability to handle stress has improved as well as my physical diseases. When I arrived at this weekend course I had a pain in my back that now is gone. I know that the only way to get better is to practise, practise and practise."

Clarity and balance

"During the course I found that this brought clarity and balance. The teaching and movements are very well structured. The place is also amazing and I hope that we can have a new course here. Thank you to all of you."

"I really enjoy the feeling of relaxation and concentration in the moment."

"I planned earlier to participate in a course but could not make it. Now I managed to come. It was a good decision. I like this method, the concentration and the stability. Doing it with your eyes closed mean that you are really inside your body. It was a new experience. Thank you."

Can relax the knees better

"I have practiced Zhineng qigong for 5 years now. I like it. It is easy to practice. This time I was concentrating on my knees and during the practice I noticed many times that some tension in my knees that I was not aware of was releasing. I could relax my knees."

Less pain in an elbow

"The timing for the course was very good for me because for two weeks I have had a very sore elbow and during this course it has improved very much. The pain is almost gone."

Tinnitus not so loud anymore

"My knee was very sore before the course but now I don’t feel it anymore. I do this at home every day but here the benefit is much greater because we practice much more. My tinnitus is not so loud any more."

Tormod Langballe

Hold qi up Leppola 2016