Shenxin Qigong Åbo (Turku) [2017-01-21]

The year started on top with a Shenxin Qigong course in Turku. A small but steady group gathered to get the opportunity both to learn and repeat Shenxin Qigong. The ones repeating got the opportunity to learn new details of the exercise. As always on courses in Finland the fellowship was good and the group spirit strong.

Some comments from the participants follow bellow:

Skipped surgery

"I have before limped for twenty years because of problems with my foot. The joint was supposed to have arthrodesis, a big surgery with unclear outcome. Thanks to the qigong-practice it was not needed. The doctor was very surprised. I usually do the Shenxin-exercise in the morning. It is probably so that the more you practice, the better results you get."

Calmer in front of people

"The migraine is a thousand times better than before. I have also got results I did not thought were possible. I had to hold a lecture before a big group. Before I would have been nervous for months before, now it went well. I have better concentration and since I am calmer I can better answer the listeners’ questions. Do not eat anti-depressants, qigong can give the same effect."

Less infections

“I usually practise in the morning. Seldom get infections these days.”

Happy for the course

"I have had a long pause in my practice. Qigong helped me with my back, but when it recovered I stopped to practise. Last spring I got an inflammation in my shoulder, could not even get dressed. I am happy for the course. I will start to practice snake arm every morning."

"I feel better now than before I started to practice. I thought that this course was so short, my sense of time is different now. For an example, twelve minutes feel like nothing. Nice course. During qigong courses I usually feel what I need to improve, that is good."

"It is my first time taking this course, started practicing qigong in September. I think that snake arm is good for my shoulders."

"I have practiced qigong for almost ten years but think that I learned a lot during this course."

Tormod Langballe