Hold Qi Up Åbo (Turku) [2017-02-04]

The basic Hold Qi Up courses usually attract both beginners and experienced qigongers. The new ones mostly come because somebody recommended the method and they have seen, with their own eyes, the positive effects others have gotten. At the Finnish course in February in Åbo (Turku) everybody knew someone who had been practicing for a long time. The atmosphere was immediately relaxed and the exchange of experiences lively. Here are some comments:

Source of wisdom

"I joined my first course when I was 12. Zhineng qigong has been a useful tool in my life. I've had help to fight depression, my concentration has improved, my body has become more flexible. During this course I also realized that qigong makes you wiser. When you practice it is easier to make decisions that influence your life."

Back pain disappeared

"I have a young son and carrying him and lifting him up has given me pain in the lower part of my back. Sometimes I have not even been able to move. In the beginning of the course my back kept hurting but now I feel nothing."

"I too had previously problems with the lower part of my back. The old pain came back in the beginning of the course, but disappeared completely after a while. This is my third course. The movements are now easier and practicing is more fun every time. I am now free of the troubles I had when I first started practicing qigong. I practice at home every day."

Sleeping better at night

"I have been practicing qigong for ten years. Ten years ago I suffered from sleeping disorders, but they completely disappeared after the first course. My husband says practicing makes me nicer. It's always great to attend a course."

Help against migraine

"I have been practicing for almost seven years. When I started I had an awful migraine. I couldn't live a normal life. The migraine calmed down little by little and during the winter course in 2012, I noticed a huge improvement and it is no longer limiting my life. The training gives me peace of mind. A calmer mind makes me react more positively in various situations and I therefore get more out of my relationships."

"I have suffered from migraine for 25 years. Ten years ago it got worse. My life is very limited. I am so grateful for this course. I have heard about many who have been helped by Zhineng Qigong and believe this can be a way for my too. I feel very motivated to continue."

An appetizer

"I want to try Zhineng Qigong to see if it can ease my breathing problems. I have managed surprisingly well and my body is more flexible. I intend to go on practicing, at least for some time."

"I have back problems, tinnitus and sleeping disorders. I have not been tired in spite of the fact that we have practiced standing up. It has been a good course with a nice relaxed atmosphere."

"I'm convinced this is good for me and I intend to continue practicing."

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm