Hold Qi Up Bollnäs [2017-02-18]

When we give basic courses in Bollnäs, a group of people who regularly attend our courses show up together with beginners and a few who maybe have been to one or two courses before. This mix help the beginners a lot to get the movements rights. They also have a chance to hear the more experienced practitioners' stories on how qigong has helped them.

Some participants' comments:

Qigong gives you well-being

"I would never do something that doesn't give me something in return and this really does. I have been practicing qigong for 22 years and there haven't been many days without any training. Qigong is an important part of my life and I include it in my everyday life. Training gives you "credit" for the whole day. Today, I feel a tremendous well-being when I practice, it is pure pleasure to get in contact with myself and become a whole human being. I no longer worry or feel fear about things around me, there is a greater sense of security." 

"Practicing qigong in the morning before going to work is a good way to start my day."

"I attended a course many years ago and also practiced in a group but then stopped practicing qigong. I have felt that I would like to take it up again. I saw a poster for this course and went to the lecture and came to this course. It have been two wonderful days for me."

I need less sleep than before

"I first started with qigong several years ago. In later years I have been practicing more regularly. I notice, among other things, that I don't need as much sleep as before. Last summer I joined my first summer course and it made me want more. To see so many people, older than me, be so fit and alert gave me inspiration."

Calmer and it is easier to make decisions

"A really nice and wonderful course! Qigong is a tool to take with you, all the time. You just need yourself and a spot to stand on. It was my son who talked me into attending the summer course the first time and then it was just like I really understood what it was all about and since then I have been practicing. Qigong is my best friend. It has made it easier for me to make difficult decisions and I am much more calm."

Good to be corrected

"A really good course. So good to have my movements corrected."

Qigong is an excellent tool

"A really fun course! Every day I think qigong, I use qigong thinking in my everyday life. I now have a different approach to what I do. Qigong is an excellent tool. Sometimes, when I stand upright, I automatically do body regulation and relaxation. I can really recommend the summer course."

"I think of four words now when the course is finished: inspiration, insight, treasure and possibility. It feels like I can understand that qigong is something very good, like a treasure and I have the possibility to practice every day."

Feeling happy

"I feel happy and enthusiastic to continue practicing. It has been a fun course and it's positive that so much is happening in the body."

Fatima Ringvall