Hold Qi Up Bergen [2017-01-28]

WEBB kursbilde løft opp qi januar 17

20 qigong students came to the first course of the year in Bergen. The group consisted of a nice mixture of new and quite experienced participants. In the circle talk after the course many of them told about what effects qigong have in their daily life. Many also talked about how important the daily practice is for them.

Practice with calmness

"I tell myself not to go to bed before I've practiced, no matter how late it is. It's important to get completely calm before starting your practice. An advice is to do the relaxation twice before starting with the rest or the exercise. In daily life we are used to multitasking, for example when at work. When we practice qigong we only do one thing."

Injured arm got better

"I've practiced for three years. I started with this because of food intolerances. This is getting better and better. Last year I broke my arm. Now I can rotate it."

Getting help to refine details

"I was very ill when I started to practice, more or less a full time patient. Now my body has become pretty much free. Bit by bit I get help to refine the details, I notice that I get a little vain by this."

Patrik Rastija