Hold Qi Up Stockholm [2016-11-05]

In the winter dark a group of both experienced and new participants gathered. As always on our courses the spirit was good, the atmosphere uplifting. Both the new and experienced Qigong participants helped each other so it came to be an experience as good as possible for everyone involved in the course. The course gave an opportunity for eager qigong practictioners to meet up.

Some comments from the participants follow below:

Pain in feet gone

"I have had stiffness and an aching pain in my feet at night. I participated in the Summer Course 2016 and have joined a lot of weekend courses and also practiced more at home and my feet are now well.
I have before felt bad when autumn dark has come and I have thought that the qigong courses would also be bad but they have instead made me happy."

Good course

"Happy with the course, my migraine has got a lot better by qigong practice and change of food."
"Thank you for a good course."

Better at handling daily life

"I am becoming better to handle daily life. I do not care anymore when people say mean things.
I study and became sick so I missed half of a five week course, but I did not get stressed out and the exam went well anyway."

The back better

"Joined the training course in Spain last spring. When I travelled there I had a lumbago and muscle inflammation, when I went back home I was completely recovered."
"I have lumbago and osteoarthritis but standing the whole course has still gone well. I have become better at holding my arms up."
"The problems with my back are gradually getting better."
"I did not like myself during two weeks every month because of premenstrual syndrome. It has disappeared, only during one to two days it feels a little tough. Also the menstruation has become more regular."

Tormod Langballe