Hold Qi Up 2 Stockholm [2016-05-14]

The last course of the semester in Stockholm was held at Södergården at Söder in Stockholm. A steady gang of experienced qigong practitioners gathered to learn more details of Hold Qi Up and practice the exercise together. It resulted in a good course with many happy participants.

Some comments from the participants follow below:

My body stronger

"I have got good corrections and  I notice a difference from the previous course, my body has got stronger."


"I feel calm."

Good corrections

"It feels very good becase I have been corrected in such a good way, so I know what I should work with."

Can handle my anger

"Nice to be here, I like to add thoughts to my training. Recently I have had the longest period during my time as a Qigong practitioner when I have managed to practice more at home and join more weekend courses. I feel that my body is making progress, a joint in a toe has improved and I can handle my anger."

Better thoughts

"Nice course, I have had a tough week and my thinking has improved by talking to others."

Something happening in my back

"Qi is correcting something in my back. I use the words and thoughts in the practice from time to time."

Tormod Langballe