Shenxin Qigong Gothenburg [2016-10-15]

About 30 people gathered to learn Shenxin Qigong in Gothenburg. Nine took the course for the first time and several participants felt that Shenxin was a direct and powerful exercise that gave noticable results fast. Many experienced that the exercise helped them concentrate better, that the body felt softer and the mind calmer. Many left the course inspired to practice more at home. Read the participants own words further down.

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Better circulation

”My circulation has become better. Yesterday I felt very cold, today I have felt normally warm. It has been a good course. My body is softer.”

Less pain and better sleep

”I have had a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck for some months. It wakes me up at night and I have also experienced anxiety. But it feels much better now. This night I slept all night which I haven't done for months.”

Better posture and inner and outer balance

”My stability and balance have improved this course. I was a little askew before. As if I have more feet to stand on now. Before I stood on the sides of the feet. It feels like the same thing has happened in my mind. I feel calmer and clearer.”

A great calm

”This is the first time I have taken this course. It has felt very good. My body feels very pleasant and I feel a great calm. I will definitely continue to practice this.”

Calmer mind and improvements in an injured shoulder

”I have been over speeded and signed up for this course to get help to calm down my brain. I woke up yesterday with a non-functioning right shoulder. I wondered why. I then remembered that I had caught a big falling ladder before it broke a window. The shoulder is almost back to normal now! Awesome! My brain is also a little calmer.”

Can walk without insoles

”Some years ago my right foot arch sunk which led to that I hade to get insoles to all my shoes. But now I can walk without insoles. I'm so happy because it's hard if you can't walk properly. And I can use prettier shoes. I can feel that something in my back is releasing.”

Patrik Rastija

SXQ GBG 2016 10 15 2