Hold Qi Up Gothenburg [2016-11-12]

Around thirty people gathered on this somewhat cloudy weekend in November to take a basic course in Hold qi up in Gothenburg. A third participated for the first time and the rest repeated the course. A calm and concentrated atmosphere spread quickly throughout the room and the results started showing already on Saturday. Read what some of the participants think themselves.

LUQ 12 nov 2016

Whiplash injury and rheumatism have improved

My whiplash injury and my severe rheumatic problems have improved a lot. I am very greatful for all the help Zhineng Qigong has given me. I am a totally different person today and now, after this course, I feel very calm.

Remarkable change in the hip

This is my first course. I have a painful hip. Already on Saturday I noticed a remarkable change that I hope will last. I will definitely go on!

Zhineng Qigong gives a solid ground

I have a disability pension and I care for a relative. It is more than a half time job and together with my own fatigue it becomes wearing. I practice every day which gives me a solid ground in life. When I started practicing Zhineng Qigong I could only stand for a few minutes at the time. Now I stand unhindered. On Friday I was a little late. There were lots of people in the streets, young people who walked fast. I could walk even faster without becoming breathless. That would never have happened before I started practicing.

Concrete improvement in tense shoulders

This was my first course. I have been very tense in my shoulders. I work a lot with computers in my daily life. I notice a concrete improvement in my shoulders only during ths weekend. It feels great! I am pleasantly surprised!

Calmer and stronger with Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Qigong has helped me a lot both mentally and physically, I am much calmer. This course my stomach has improved and I feel that my back is getting stronger..

Patrik Rastija

LUQ 12 nov 2016 2