Hold Qi Up Almunecar [2017-01-27]

We have held our first Hold Qi Up course in Spain, in Almunecar on the South coast about 80 kilometers East of Malaga. Not the least because of the climate there are a lot of Scandinaviansliving there, some the whole year and some for shorter periods. Something that gets a lot of retirees to spend the months of winter in Spain is to get sun, light and warmth instead of the cold winter we have in the North.

In April 2016 some of us traveled to Almunecar with a group of our students and had a week of common practice combined with sun and warmth, fellowship and good food. During that trip we created some contacts and interest locally, which resulted in us being able to hold a course there again. Hopefully it will be followed up by more courses, there seem to be need as well as interest.

The participants were happy and grateful that we came to them and they got the opportunity to learn Zhineng Qigong. Some comments from the participants follow below.

Good for me

”I have bad legs and can feel that this is good for me. I am more relaxed now.”

Peace of mind

”I have severe osteoarthritis, have gotten two new hips by surgery and have a troublesome back.This was amazing and gave me peace of mind! I was full of energy yesterday after the first day and did not need to sleep so much last night. Soooo happy and present when we practiced the entire Hold qi up. Felt in contact with my body and with the real me.”

Less ache

”I am in bad shape and was not sure for a long time if I would participate and made up my mind late. I have ME, fibromyalgia etc. and I am so surprised that I have been able to stand up and participate the whole time. That it has worked! This was good and fun and I have less pain now. Also problems with swimming and concentration have improved. The first day I had to stand with my eyes completely open the whole time, today I could close my eyes almost completely!”

More movable

”Already when I was young I got rheumatic troubles. I have difficulties moving and have thickened joints. Impressive - now I have felt more movable and have been able to do movements which I did not think would work.”

Knee problem gone

”Since October I have had problems with my knees. But I have been able to keep up and now I don’t feel the pain at all! Today my shoulders finally relaxed. Then I understood that I am always so tense, with the shoulders way too high. The Qi regulation yesterday was VERY NICE! So happy that I joined this group.”


”Exciting to join, this feels essential. I have a hard time relaxing. Comfortable movements and nice fellowship. This can spread to more people.”

Lars Hagner

Our first Hold qi up group in Spain
Our first Hold qi up group in Spain
Winter activities on the beach
Winter activities on the beach