Hold Qi Up Ålesund [2017-01-14]

Ålesund 2017This time European Zhineng Qigong had its second weekend course in Tennfjord near Ålesund, Norway. After the first weekend course last year a regular group training was established. Good results from the Summer course have inspired many to attend the HQU weekend course. This time it was a total of 18 participants at the course, some of whom decided to join the weekend course immediately after the lecture.

Comments from course participants

Pain disappeared

“I have seen a big improvement to my sister after the last weekend course. My back and knees are bad. Yesterday, however, the pain disappeared.”

Felt lightness

“I believe in this method. As I went outside to get some things in my car, something happened: Suddenly I felt a great ease.”

Slept well

“I work together with two other course members, who have been recommending this course. My shoulder, neck and my back bother me. Last night I actually slept very well.”

My cat lay on my chest all night

“During the exercise La Qi I got the feeling of Qi. My cat uses to sleep by my feet. However, last night the cat lay down on my chest - motionless - all night. It has never done that before.”

Softer body

“I brood on everything - too much - and the muscles are tense. During this weekend course my body has changed, and my muscles are now more supple.”

Less pain

“I was with my wife at this course. I lack the feeling in three fingers. After the course, I have gained more flexibility and feel less pain.”

Frozen shoulder more flexible

“I heard Hege’s story. I came here for my right shoulder, which is "frozen". Now my shoulder has become much more flexible.”

Sleep like a log

“I am not directly ill, however, my body is stiff. I live a stressful life. The training here at the weekend course has got me to slow down. It has had a good effect. I slept like a log last night. I can now relax and calm down.”

Managed to stand during the sessions

“I had pain suffering from scoliosis and stress. Since the weekend course last September I have trained steadily. At that time I could barely stand. During this course I have been standing all the time. I feel less stressed. This training works.”

Less angry

“I repeat this course. I have had a bad back and feet. Now I have, gradually, become better. I sleep well, and I am calmer, more relaxed. Nor am I so angry anymore.”

Numbness in my neck was gone

“Last course I was bothered by my neck and back, and I had a lot of stress. In retrospect, exciting things have happened. I feel strong and good. I work with young children in day care. It feels actually not heavy anymore - physically and mentally. I am now easier at heart. Previously my shoulder and neck were numb. Now the numbness is gone.”

Washed the toilets whistling of joy

“During the recent 1.5 years I have gone from being bedridden - to an active life. The next step is to start at work. I am proud because I have got so good results very quickly. 1.5 years ago, I was driven by car to the Summer course in Sweden. After 4 - 5 days I wanted to help with the cleaning. Whistling of joy I washed the toilets. I found nothing that helped me earlier. Then I got my life back. Today my shoulder was suddenly getting better. There are things going on constantly, and I am very content.”

Ingrid Tidemann