Summer course training Stockholm [2017-01-04]

This year it was Stockholm's turn to arrange our yearly summer course training, a five day training course for you who have joined a summer course with us. Now we have arranged this course for 20 years, every second in Gothenburg and every second in Stockholm. The course is popular, this year close to 70 people participated, except from people living in Stockholm there were people from all over Sweden and also from Finland and Norway.

During our training courses we do not teach a lot of new things, we mainly practice together the exercises we have already learned. When a lot of experienced qigong-practitioners gather to practice in our strong Qifield it gets strong, which leads to good conditions for good results. It is not an accident that our longer courses, besides this also the summer courses, the winter course and our autumn courses, are our most popular.

EasyCare for the eyes

After the first day of practice we had a new course in the EasyCare methods, this time for the eyes. Our main teacher Su Dongyue taught us simple and effective exercises that we daily can use as a complement to our Zhineng Qigong practice. With the exercises we can affect the health of the eyes as well as of the whole body in only a few minutes.

After the 5 days course we were contacted by some participants who wanted to express their gratitude and also tell us about results they achieved during the course. A man with MS disease send a photograph of a text he has written by hand with a pen, something he because of the disease were not able to do by himself when the course begun.

Foto Magnus Barse handstil

A women wrote the following:
"Before the course my head/brain hurt when I moved it, I was very tired, felt low and stiff. During and after the course I became softer, more energized and have no pain anywhere. My hips and back are getting softer. For nearly two years my left side has felt stiff and weird. Feels like the body is becoming one unit. I have also had more or less pain in the right side of the head as long as that, but now it does not feel at all. The neck is softer and more movable. The achilles tendons are softer so the legs have become more flexible. I have also had an uncomfortable breathlessness and my heart was "racing" when I had walked for a while in a normal pace, even on Sunday morning. But after the course ended it have been calm and free even when I walk in a normal pace. It feels more free when i breath."

Another one mailed us this: "Now after the course I have reflected upon negative thinking that I have had which I do not want to have anymore. The last day of the course I felt more clear. Not as introvert. It was as my eyes opened up, like I had my eyes closed before in some way. I saw the people around me and did not feel as captured in my thoughts. I am now starting to realize that I can choose to be clearer. Difficult things that have happened the last year have gotten me to feel impotency and my trust was weaker. I feel much better now, more motivated and hopefull again about the possibility to change the whole life with the help of qigong. I have now decided to focus more on positive things, be more in the moment and not let thoughts take overhand.”

20170106 110041

Here are some other comments from participants which was given to us during the course:

"Lately I have been thinking that qigong help in relation to life. Like when you wonder about how something is, you think yourself and listen to others' opinions and consider them. Now it is easier since I take on a qigong perspective and it usually turns out to be right."

”Had a burn on my left hand before, spilled some warm tea on myself. It has healed good now, only a little left, it has gone insanely fast. Never before experienced that a burn can disappear so fast.”

”It has been peaceful and respectful. Good feeling. You know exactly how it is going to be when you stand up to practice. Or, you think that you know and then it is even calmer. Easy Care was good. Have at times worked away my astigmatism with qigong but falls back sometimes. I believe in this.”

”Mentally something suddenly has changed, you are happier and have more energy. You simply feel better.”

”Have been nice, calm atmosphere, not been bothered. Yesterday when I walked out of here I felt calm, it was nice. Like nothing can bother me. Very comfortable.”

”Nice course, have gotten physical and mental improvements. Have been exhausted, can now continue working both from home and away. Have got more energy.”

”I have gotten more energy.”

”Fantastic course. I feel more clear.”


Lars Hagner