Shenxin Qigong Nybro [2016-10-15]

As usual a mix of people attending the course, some beginners and others more experienced. Below you will find comments from some of the participants.

More Focused

“I have practised for six years. Qigong is a way to handle life. I started to practise qigong when my husband past away. That was the best ting I could have done. I have become calmer and more focused by the training. I usually am tired on the courses but yesterday I was alert.”

Great Exercise

“I like shenxin qigong, it´s my favourite exercise. The course was great, to have courses here is important to me.”


“It´s rewarding to practise qigong. I need the training, it makes me stronger.”

Deep Relaxation

“This was the best course in shenxin qigong that I have attended. I´m glad we practised a lot. I could relax deeper then I usually can. It´s good to get a qigong training habit in every day life. Thanks for a great course.”

Tension Released

“This was my first basic course in shenxin qigong. I have practised hold qi up for many years. The tension released in my neck and shoulders. Thanks for a great course.”



Johannes Nordgaard