Autumn course Bergen [2016-11-17]

WEBBkursfoto höstkurs bergen 16
The fifth autumn course in Norway was held in Dyrkolbotn mountain cabin, north of Bergen. The cabin is quietly located and gives a feeling of seclusion from the stress of the outside world. From the training hall we have a beautiful view of the surroundings and the natural environment makes it easier to find the qigong state of mind.
The staff are very helpful and recieves us well every year. During the course there were many comments about the nice atmosphere among the participants. We cooked the food ourselves so there were lots of practical things to do but all participants helped out in a nice way.

Here are some comments from the participants:

Fractures healing

"Last summer I injured my ankle. Yesterday I could squat for the first time since then. I've felt some tingling in the part of the foot that is not entirely healed yet."

"Six weeks ago I fell and got a knee fracture. When I last visited my doctor he was surprised that it healed so quickly. My knee doesn't hurt at all now and I completely forgot about the fracture during the training."

Focus on relaxation

"It's been good to go through the relaxation so thoroughly. I will bring that with me. It makes the excercises entirely different - like dancing. Everything floats and you don't have to use any strength."

Better immune system

"I've practiced well at home and I've invested a lot in qigong. I've taken chemotherapy but qigong has helped me with my immune system. There are only nice people in the course, everyone has been exceptionally helpful. Today I feel good".

High blood procent

"I have problems with too high procent of red blood cells which causes a heavy feeling in my body and head. The day before course I should get my usual treatment; remove blood. But I missed to get the treatment and when I came to course my head felt heavy and I could hardly see. Now it feels like my body has stabilized."

Patrik Rastija