Hold Qi Up Karlskoga [2016-11-12]

European Zhineng Qigong has organised the Winter course in Karlskoga for the last five years. Now it was finally time for a basic course in Hold Qi Up. It was initiated by a local ”qigonger”, who has been training Shenxin Qigong with us and who wanted to give other locals a chance to take part in our training.

Also this course was held at the folk high school and for us ”qigongers” it is really nice to come back to this school. We feel very comfortable there and welcomed and well treated. The participants were very positive and eager to learn Hold Qi Up. It was a weekend with a lot of training and pleasant conversation and laughter.

Here are some thoughts and comments from participants:


”This morning I could relax really well and my posture was really good. I felt I had succeeded. I was fun to meet all and get more energy. It’s inspiring to be able to help each other.”

Alert, happy and calm

”Last night after the course I felt very alert and spirited. I went off to see a friend and then went for a walk with the dog. I felt full of joy. The brain was happier and the two halves were more balanced.”

”Yesterday when doing La Qi I felt happier and got more power.”

”Usually, when I am in a lot of pain, I have no energy. Managing to be here, has been good. Yesterday evening, I felt I had power and energy. I was tired but calm. Usually I feel stressed out internally, but yesterday evening I sat quietly listening to my son playing the piano. I felt more calm and not as easily irritated.”

”I am so glad I found this. I truly believe that qigong is good and I will start my training tomorrow at the latest.”

”I am interested in the mental training. I want to have peace and quiet in my soul and if other ailments disappear as well, it’s a bonus. I have had too much to cope with for a long period of time, so I need to find an inner calm.”

”Yesterday evening I felt frisky. We had a Leonard Cohen-evening at a friend’s house.”


”It is inspiring to meet someone with the same problems as I, and that has become better through qigong. It gives me hope.”

Great group

”It has been a wonderful start and a great group of people. It made me feel comfortable.”

A gem in the autumn darkness

”I am very happy there was a course arranged. It is a gem in the autumn darkness. I was very tired yesterday, but it was a pleasant feeling, I was not grumpy. I have learned a lot of good things and it was well explained..”

Teacher: Angelica Berg