TuiNa and Weituo Jin Kalmar [2016-11]

About one and a half year ago Zhineng Qigong arranged a course in TuiNa and Weituo Jin in Kalmar. Shortly after, many of the participants showed an interest in repeating the course. When we arranged the course this November, many came back, but there were also new participants.

The students appreciated both methods and commented that they could feel the strong qi field during both courses.

Here are some of the participants' comments:

More flexible and more focused

"This is my first course. I have not yet noticed much, but Sunday morning, after learning Weituo Jin for one day, my body felt more flexible and I was also i bit more focused."

Improved circulation

"I am repeating the course. It feels good to get a restart. Some time after the last course, I lost the habit of my daily training routine. Now it feels good again, the warmth in my body and a lot of things happening. Thank you for a good course."

Exercising the whole body

"This is the first time I do this course. It has been fine. I like all the various parts of Weituo Jin. We have been training parts you don't usually train. You stretch and turn in all directions. I noticed that I have muscles and body parts I normally avoid to exercise, or don't care to. The abdomen, hands, feet and even the finger tips have been strengthened."


"This is my third Weituo Jin course, I was not able to participate in TuiNa this time. Weituo Jin is my favourite exercise! It has been my habit for a long time to do a Weituo Jin before breakfast. It's a good tip, you get started in an excellent way and you see to it that you have done your training for the day. Lately I have done a Weituo Jin every day during lunch break. It revitalizes me and makes me much more alert."

Improvements and deeper learning

"This is the second time I go these four days and it has been excellent, I am really pleased. I had a big improvement yesterday before lunch. That's what it felt like anyway. Something happened in my head and maybe also to some inner organs. After, I felt reborn. The whole world opened up. It was very nice. During one of the exercises we were sort of trying to hug ourselves and I thought that I can't do that. But suddenly I could. As if my arms had become longer! Before the course I thought that I already knew a lot about this, but I discovered that I had quite a few things left to learn. Thank you for a fine course. After the course: I have been training every day for a week and I am so revitalized than ever! I feel really strong!"

Feeling better after the course

"I was not feeling well when I got here, but thanks to all the other participants, the qi field and the fantastic methods, I feel better now."

The best I have experienced

"This is the second time I participate in both courses. I was a little worried before WTJ because the movements are a bit static. I have some muscle problems and it then often feels more comfortable to move. But I think the two days with Weituo Jin have been the best I have experienced. I think a lot has happened in my body. It will be exciting to see how everyday life will turn out."

Strong Qi

"This is the third time I participate in these four days. I thought it was fantastic the first day of the TuiNa course because I felt the qi field so amazingly strong. I felt things happening i my body, the way it does when you have been to a course. Now I had the same feeling in my body already during the first and second hour, and what we had done mostly, was just sit and talk. Several things happened to me then, and also during and after the second day of TuiNa. A few years back, when I did the Tiger section of Weituo Jin, I had great difficulties with my painful hip. Today, it went so much easier and I felt no pain at all. After the improvements I had during the course I feel more clear. It feels very powerful."

Peaceful, more secure and improvements in the body

"This is the third time I participate during four days. What I experienced during TuiNa, compared to previous courses, was a whole new feeling of peace and security. It feels nice and good. I have noticed that I feel less worried in everyday life than before. There was a feeling of unrest in the chest. I am not totally at ease yet, but I feel something is on it's way. So, the first two days of TuiNa was really good. Then, when we did Weituo Jin, it was different. Suddenly I could do the exercises better than before. It must be a sign that improvements I didn't really notice have taken place in my body. This has been such good training for me, already from the start on Thursday. many improvements in different places. So, now it is important to keep going the the training, because this has been amazing. I would have liked to go on for a few more days. After the course: After the training I have been doing and the treatments we did, I have now less headache and my head is more clear."

Herbjörn Wilhelmsen