Hold Qi Up Ekenäs [2016-11-05]

The basic course in Hold Qi Up in Ekenäs was characterized by fruitful cooperation between eager beginners and ”qigongers” with many years’ experience of regular practice.

Some of the participants’ comments can be found below:

Important to repeat

”I have been practising qigong since 2004 and have become better all the time. Last summer I practised very little and I had not participated in a course for a couple of years. Now I see the difference and how important it is to repeat.”

My back is better

”I have been practising for eight years. My bad back has got better and my body has become softer and more flexible.”

Pollen and dust allergy disappeared

”A pain in my knee was the reason why I took my first course. The knee directly got a little better and an acute cold went away. At the following course, three months later, the knee was completely recovered. I also noticed that I became more patient with the kids and that my allergy symptoms started to vanish. It is a long time since I needed any medicine.”

Energy source

”I started to practise in 2013 because my life style was very hectic and I needed more peace of mind. Qigong makes me feel better, and when I feel good my family also feels better. The courses give me new strength. Physically I thought I was in good shape, but the practice makes me aware of lesser defects as well as of improvements.”

Mental lifeline, lithe body

”I have been practising for a very long time, a fourth of my life. It took quite a while before I understood what I was doing. Here the summer courses were a big help. Qigong has been important for my mind, a real lifeline. The older I become the more I wonder what my health estate would be like if I had not practised. One gets very flexible. I appreciate more and more to have a body that works. It is enjoyable and important and encouraging.”

Want more

”It has been interesting. The exercises feel good and I like to practise at home. It suits me.”
”I really believe in this and I am stubborn. I think I will become a ”qigonger”. It has been a great course.”

Enjoyable course

”One can take a lot of basic courses and still discover new things.”
”Once again it has been a lovely course. It is always different.”
”Lovely to relax.”
”I am glad I came here.”

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm