Hold Qi Up Pargas [2016-10-29]

The benefits of regular training and the extra strength one gets at courses and at weekly group practice was emphasized by the experienced ”qigongers” that participated in this basic course in Hold Qi Up in Pargas. The newcomers enjoyed the company and were motivated to learn the movements, continue to practise and attend more courses.

Some comments from the participants::

A change of life

”I have been practising since 1999. It has made such a difference in my life. I had big problems with my back and my neck, and had tried many different things. Already at the lecture I was sold on this, and the first course was so dramatic that I decided to carry on. My sleeping problems disappeared after the first day. I had not slept properly for eight years. Then my migraine disappeared. I have had problems with my knees and with tinnitus. These have not disappeared completely but they have diminished. In 2012 I got the diagnosis fibromyalgia. Thanks to qigong I am more agile and can lead a normal life. I have practised alone for a long time and know how different it is to practise in a group. I really recommend repeating weekend courses and joining weekly group practice.”

Blood pressure stabilized

”I have been practising qigong for 15 years. I did not have any really big problems, but I suffered from stress and hypertension. My blood pressure has stabilized. Practising qigong is so important that one simply has to carry on. There are such great benefits.”

Only help for bad back

”In 2005 when took my first course I had really big back problems. I could not go to work, travel, pick up things I had dropped on the floor. I had tried everything and I had no high expectations. But I noticed directly that this method gave me another feeling. I have practised a lot since then. Participated in many courses. Now my back is in such good shape that I recently dug up a lilac hedge without any problem.”

Positive experience

”It has been a positive experience. I have problems with migraine and I am determined to go on practising to try out this method. I would like to join another course as soon as possible.”

Glad to be able to stand

”I have been doing qigong for about seven years: participated in two basic courses and one Shenxin Qigong course, and then forgot a little about Hold Qi Up. Eight months ago I had myelitis and became lame, but I am recovering and now I already manage to ride a bike. However, I was afraid I would not be able to stand during the course. But it has gone very well. I am happy and am now going to continue to practise Hold Qi Up at home.”

Help against hypersensitivity to radiation

”My biggest problem has been that I have been hypersensitive to radiation from mobile phones and computers. It has meant a lot to me to overcome this by practising qigong, and I can use my mobile phone quite a lot now. The courses get more and more delightful to me; I enjoy them wholeheartedly. I used to practise mostly at home.”

Repetition is good

”This is my second course. It has felt good to repeat. Now I remember the movements quite well, so I can just keep going. I got interested in qigong out of curiousness, thought that the lecture might decide if I’d go ahead with it. I have no bigger physical problems but I sit a lot at work and the qigong movements balance this up.”

Softer body

”When I came to this course I felt stiff. Now I have a completely different feeling in my body than normally.”

Margareta Willner-Rönnholm