Hold Qi Up Huntingfield, Suffolk 2016-11-12

Basic course in Hold qi up in Huntingfield, Suffolk 12-13 November 2016

We arranged the course in the beautiful little village called Huntingfield in the county of Suffolk, at their beautiful village hall. The participants came from the area around and from Norwich and even from Birmingham.

The mixture between people who has joined the summer course and earlier basic courses and beginners where perfect and they shared their experience about Zhineng qigong with each other. As someone said:"It is so lovely to be among so many nice people."

Here are some comments from some of the participants:

Pain in the arm is gone

“I have been practising qigong for about two years and this weekend I got the nuances of the movements. I attended the summer course in Sweden last summer and I learned so much. After attending this course I am very excited. I have a feeling of wellbeing and calm. I am a flapper, and I flap less now. For some time, I have put up with arm pain, it has now gone after today´s experience. Thank you for a joyful experience!

Not think too much, practise instead

“I have done the basic courses since the begun in East Anglia. I haven´t made it to Sweden and summer course yet, but my intention is to go the coming summer. You can get out what you put into it and start feeling better when you start practise again. I don´t have to analyse my aches and pains, just do qigong.”

“It is extraordinary what you get out of it when you apply yourself.”

“There are some things I can´t do, but I visualise them. I do qigong through thick and thin. By sticking with it and keep going you will get back more than you put into it. But you do have to put work into it to get changes.”

Qigong makes a huge difference to life

“I have been practising for 9 years. I may miss practise a day or two, but qigong makes a huge difference to life. I am full of surprise by the effects of doing qigong, I love doing it and I love coming to the weekend for a course.”

Helps balance my energy

“I heard about Zhineng qigong from a friend who has been on the summer course in Sweden. I feel different after the course in the way I experience myself and the world. I feel more a part of the energy that is going on. It has been a good experience. I am up and down in my energy; this helps balance my energy.”

Group practise is a big help

“I love qigong, I love the way it combines body, mind and spirit. It is right up my street. Even when I am not doing it perfectly, I can do it perfectly in my mind. I am terrible undisciplined and am glad to be practising in a group. It is lovely to be among so many nice people.”

Pain in knee gone

“My aim in coming was to refresh my practise. Before doing a summer course I suffered badly in my knees especially my right knee pad. It was always uncomfortable with grinding in the joint. After the first summer course the pain was gone. I was impressed by this, I didn´t expect it. It was a relief to walk without a problem. I can run up and down stairs like a child now! I have tension in my chest and back and this has greatly improved.”

Qigong feels accessible

“I like the way it has been taught, it is accessible. I have lots of long term physical problems. Today I feel there is a shift. I feel privileged to be here. It feels it has been intended just for me! I am looking forward to the next course in April next year.”

“This is my first course. I especially liked what we were told about starting from where we are at. I haven´t experienced this being spoken so clearly before. Even when movements are not done perfectly we can imagine doing them perfectly. I feel on an equal footing. Everyone has aches and pains. I like the ethos and am happy to put my toe on the first rung of the practise.”


Knee problems disappeared and I sleep like a baby

“I have done 10 years of qigong practise. I fell in love and fully embraced it. As to results..I didn´t feel well for 2/3 month when I first started practising, but I slept like a baby and my energy levels were good. Then my knee problems disappeared. I used to have fallen aches and was knock kneed, now I have arches and am better.”

Makes me calm

“I went to my first course in February 2016. Since that weekend I have practised with the CD and in a practice group. I also went to the summer course in Sweden in June this year. I am physically quite fit, but am prone to lapses in self-discipline, neglecting my own practise. Hold qi up form is prefect for me. It helps me keep centred and calm and is proving invaluable when life gets stressful. I have appreciated reconnecting with the direct teaching and accessing greater insight about its simple power and though practising together as a focused group. “


Fatima Ringvall