Hold Qi Up Bergen [2016-10-22]

Courses in Zhineng Qigong are popular here in Bergen. Several people were on the waiting list for the second weekend course in “Hold Qi Up” this autumn term. This course had 24 participants, most of them from Bergen but some also from outside the Bergen region. Many were new, some had taken part in weekend courses before, and the majority were repeating the Summer Course.

Despite various health conditions all managed the course very well.

Lyft upp Qi Bergen 22.10.2016

Some comments from course participants:

Less thoughts

“This is my first weekend course. I have struggled with a lot of thoughts, thousands of them simultaneously in my head. It has calmed down now. I slept well last night, and today I feel much better.”

Better posture

“I attend this course for the first time. After my daily work my back has been really tired, and I need a lot of rest. The focus here on body posture has been very helpful to me. I stand a lot better, and my posture is better. I slept like a log last night.”

Slept well

“My sister-in-law persuaded me to practice. I want to fight Parkinson's disease, and I have become stronger. Last night I actually slept very well, which is unusual.”

Pain disappeared

“I wanted to feel my back become stronger, and I am much better now. I started training two years ago. I had a chronic disease with much pain in the bones. I do not have to take painkillers now. I get a treatment that takes much of the immune system; however, it is measured to be normal now.”

“I have been training this method for a while. It was lovely to get a training weekend for myself. I have a demanding job and a lot of tension in the body. Last night I slept well, and today the pain is gone. It is fantastic.”

Great mental change

“I have sold my firm after 17 years’ work, and I have let go of other things too. I don’t feel a shred of doubt or uncertainty now.”

”I have become more social this weekend.”

“This course went unusually fast, and I saw the effects of the Summer Course. On this course my mental state improved ‘in a flash’.”

“I have felt very reluctant to go to these courses. This time I have had great mental change. It has been easier to relax. My lower back has become softer, and there is much less tension in my muscles and joints.”

Ingrid Tidemann