Hold Qi Up Turku [2016-09-17]

The first LUQ-course this season was held in Åbo in extraordinarily beautiful autumn weather. As usual both ’old timers’ and new participants were attending. The beginners were well motivated quick learners who also took part in the ordinary weekly training programme the next day. Some comments:

Warmth and strength

”It was lovely to take part in a weekend course again, too long since last time. Before this I’ve been training a lot, but what with a baby and a lot of stress I haven’t had the time, and I certainly feel it. Yesterday my body felt like a stone and even doing La qi was hard. Today it feels a lot better, I feel relaxed with both warmth and strength in my body.”

A better life quality

”I’ve been training for six years now and when I started I was suffering from migraine. Half a year later I noticed distinct results, my allergy to pollen had disappeared. I trained every day. Little by little my migraine also vanished. Nowadays I only have occasional headaches, and my life feels quite different. Qigong has given me so much. At work I find it easier to concentrate, I’m a lot happier with an increased zest for life!”

Insomnia gone

”I’ve been training for a long, long time. I used to despise all sorts of physical training but I really took to this at once! After the first course my sleeping problems disappeared. It was great to suddenly be able to sleep. Qigong has really helped me in many ways, and it was fun to attend again!”


”For a couple of weeks I’ve been suffering from acute stress but not any more. This morning I felt unusually lively. If I succeed in training every day it might help me handle my stress.”

Keen to go on

”For a long time I’ve been interested in trying something new like this, and I’m keen to go on. This was my first course and contact with qigong, it felt good. I think I’ve experienced something new and different, it has a very versatile movement pattern.”

No more torticollis

”I was suffering from torticollis when I started this course, and today my neck is all right! I can once again turn my head when driving!”

Jeanette Heidenberg