Winter Course training [2016-10-21]

In mid-October a training course in Shenxin Qigong was organized for the second time. For three days we trained as we do during the winter course, the main focus was Shenxin Qigong but we also trained several other exercises. All who attended the course had participated in at least one winter course - a prerequisite for participation. Most participants came from Stockholm but a few had traveled some distance to join us. During the course, we practiced a total of 20 hours and the qi-field was very strong. Many of the participants got very good results, both physically and mentally. Several reported that the training gave a peace of mind, it had been easy to focus on the exercises and that it was impossible to think about anything else but exercise.

Below you can read some of the participants’ comments.

Hip pains

"I've had a lot of pain in my hips, especially in the recent weeks. It's like an inflammation in the hip and I have had difficulties walking. The pain has been bothering me and I also have suffered from pain when standing up. It comes from an old injury that I got when I had an operation on my tailbone many years ago. A few years ago the pains surfaced again and I have had pains on and off. But the past few weeks it has been hurting more. When I came here Friday, I felt all of this, especially on my left side - the reason might be that I broke my left foot a few years ago. The pain persisted both Friday and Saturday the hips and feet , especially were hurting, but Qi has been working with a lot of other problem areas as well, like the stomach and sinuses. But on Saturday, when we were going home, I noticed that the pain in the hips suddenly had disappeared. I could walk without pain. It felt completely different when I walked. The entire body felt ten kilograms lighter because it had been so hard walking with pain in my hips. It felt really awesome! A really nice feeling! It has been such a powerful course, strong qi. Everything has been very good. It is wonderful that my pain has disappeared! "


I have had diabetes for many years, which means I have to keep an eye on my blood sugar all the time. It tends to be affected by qigong, especially when the qi-field is strong. At the summer courses the past years, I’ve noticed that especially after 8-9 days, it’s clear that I need to cut back on my insulin. It gets better and better. On this course it was a big difference already from the first evening. When my pancreas gets more energy and starts working my blood sugar gets lower. The blood sugar was low throughout the evening even though I ate. At night it was still low. It was a big difference. This is something I measure objectively so it is clear that something has really started to change in my body."


"Before the course, I felt I was getting a cold and next Sunday my choir is performing at a concert with Tomas di Leva (a swedish artist). I was worried how it would go. Yesterday I was coughing a lot but today the hacking cough is better. Today I have been snotty but its starting to pass, so there is hope. "

More flexible

”It’s been a great course. Wonderful with so much practice. Of course a lot of things have happened. I’ve become a more flexible and more relaxed. I’ve got more peace of mind when practicing. That’s really great. You get more and more acess to your self the more you practice. That’s very nice.”

Blood circulation in the tip of a finger

”In August I cut a piece of my fingertip but something has been working there now. The fingertip has been throbbing. It’s been great. I hope it will get better.”


It’s very nice that my body gets softer and more flexible and it’s great that there is a way of exercising that kind of ”shuts down” your brain, that doesn’t allow you to think of work. Next week is a tough week. I have to set the budget and hire five persons but I haven’t been thinking about any of it. That’s wonderful. It’s great to neutralize tensions in your body that get piled up.”

”I think it’s been a wonderful course! First and foremost I can feel that my thoughts have calmed down and a lot things have happened in my chest. My breathing is deeper. Thanks a lot!”

I screwed up when I was parking the car, so the car went down into a ditch. It’s definitely something I could worry about. But I could let go of it totally and just focused on the training, completely ignored it. I will deal with it afterwords. That’s how it is to have a calm mind.”

Mentally stronger

”It’s been very nice to come here and practice three centre. I’ve been practising it quite a lot at home and it’s a pity we don’t practice it more together. Since I started practicing it I’ve become a lot better at everything. It’s amazing. I feel a lot stronger. I need much less sleep and have a greater mental strength. When I started practicing I had some kind of eating disorder that was an obstacle to me. My life was very shallow. The qigong has helped me a lot with that, especially three centre, to feel completely free of it. Even though I’m a bit chubby, as long as I am feeling good I don’t feel useless because I don’t look a certain way. I’m very, very grategul for everything in qigong, but maybe especially for three center.”

Shoulders, neck and chest

My shoulders, my neck, my chest – a lot of things are happening! I can fix quite a few things at home, but as soon as I get here it feels like my shoulders lower by an inch. So these courses within the qi-field are so important.


Herbjörn Wilhelmsen