Xing Shen Zhuang Gothenburg [2016-10-01]

The Xing Shen Zhuang training course was once again very appreciated and showed many nice results. Several of the participants pointed out the value of getting the movements corrected so that the performance of the exercise can be improved. The training we do on our own is also facilitated and gets a good push forward from the replenishment of qi that we get during our courses. Further down you can read some of the participants own words.

XSZ 1 okt 2016

Surprisingly good physical condition

”This morning I missed the tram and the next was due 25 minutes later. I don’t know how long it takes to walk from my home to here but I thought I would try to jog a little. I don’t usually jog so it was exciting for me. I jogged and I walked and I made it in time. I can’t understand how fast I got here. It took a very short time for my breathing to calm down. I was sweaty but I experienced that my physical condition was surprisingly good! Thank you for nice corrections and a nice course!”

Better sleep and no stomach pain

”This night I slept better than I usually do. That is great, I think! Yesterday, when I came here, I had severe pain in my stomach. It has continued today too but now I feel nothing. I feel stronger over all. It has been a very good course with super corrections! I hope I will remember them! It feels like the entire exercise got a new dimension after this course. I haven’t hade the possibility to attend the summer course for some time so this has been great!”

Better balance

”It has been a fantastic course! I got so good corrections! I haven’t liked this exercise before because I have had problems with my balance but thanks to the corrections I now have new ideas that has helped me. I feel very satisfied and pleased so now I will have to continue this. Thank you very much!”

Stronger, better stamina and better concentration

”I learned this exercise for the first time this summer. I also feel much stronger and have better stamina since I started to practice this. I have just began studying at the university and this exercise helps me a lot with my concentration and structure. It helps me to remember and understand things. Thanks for a good course!”

Old ankle injuries have improved

”Many things have happened during the day and if I were to focus on one thing it would be that my ankles suddenly felt more open than before. I noticed in the exercise that I could bend down more than I have been able to do before. It has been very numb there. I have had injuries there since I was a child, both ankles have been broken. It was awesome, it is such a joy when something happens entirely unexpectedly! It has also happened a lot with my body regulation and in my face. It feels like something is pushing forward in my face, like it is remodulating itself. Thank you very much!”

The power of the leg has returned

”Thank you for a good course and good corrections! What has been significant is that the back of my right leg has been very powerless since March. During the summer course I had severe problmes to bend down and get back up again, but now it worked well. All the times we bent down and rose up again I got up. The power has returned. That is big I think! Thank you!"

Patrik Rastija