Autumn course Karis [2016-10-13]

Lärkkulla 350This year was the first time we arranged our autumn course at Lärkkulla stiftsgård in Finland. It was much appreciated, many of the participants told us how positively they experienced our new location and that they want to come back there. We had already decided that next year's autumn course, held November 9 to 12 will be at Lärkkulla. We will also be celebrating the anniversary of our 10th consecutive autumn course in Finland.

The autumn course is a training course and the good thing about such a course is that everyone already knows what we are there to practice. The Qi-field is there, and quickly you get into an enjoyable, strong training and qigong-state. This in turn leads to an increased peace and tranquility that contributes to the clear results.

On Friday evening, it was time for the traditional music night where everyone participated in one way or another. Like our cabaret during the summer course, the music night of the autumn course is a popular and fun part of the course. It is important to socially get closer together and open up with warmth and humor.

Here are some of the participants' comments after the course:

Stomach problems

“It was a good course, thanks for that. I always get something new out of the courses. Have had stomach problems for a few months, but here I have been able to eat large portions of food. "

"I was doubtful if I would come to the autumn course this year. I have had pain in the stomach during the course and have had to visit the toilet frequently. But the course has been good for me and my stomach feels a lot better now. Thanks for the course! "

Improved eyesight

"After the morning-practice, I lost my glasses, but I could still see very well without them. I could clearly see the leaves on the trees and different plants. It is a sign of a good course when the vision gets better, then you have got a lot of Qi. I have also become more calm during the course. "


"Thanks for a great course! I have had a great need for a course. Thought the course went by really fast. Have suffered badly from burnout (exhaustion) and thought at first that I could not come. But why did I say that? It's been really good! Zhineng Qigong has helped me before, including headaches, hay fever and summer asthma, so I hope Qigong will help with my burnout too. "

The Qi-field

"Good course – feels safe to be in the Qi-field"

"Very pleased and happy that I participated in the course: felt effects of the Qi-field already a few days before. Slept great, haven’t slept so well in a long time."

"It's incredible how much a day in a strong Qi-field can matter."

"Thanks for a really nice course. Slowly it has dawned on me what the Qi-field means. I have been to nine day summer courses before, but this year I was at the summer course for eighteen days and I needed them all. Do not understand that I before only have been at the summer course for nine days. I have had it tough mentally but on this course, I have been happy from beginning to end. I think now that it is important for me to attend all the Qigong courses I can. It has taken a long time for me to understand. "


"Very good course, the program was well thought out. Forgot the stress completely during these four days. Had time to think only of myself. Got many good corrections of Hold Qi up."

Filled with Qi

"Thank you, it was a good course and location, with good food and service. As always: WONDERFUL! The first day flared all the old ailments, I was terribly tired, the whole body ached, but already on the second day it was much better. Now I’m all good and full of Qi. "

Retaining the ability to move

"I've been practicing for a long time and I have grown older during that time. Late winter was tough - I had pain in my hips and felt like a hundred years. After the summer course, all my symptoms disappeared and they have not come back. Last fall, when we were handing out Qigong posters in high-rise buildings, I could run up and down the stairs and I was not aware of any problems. It is useful to be at the summer courses or autumn courses ‘cause you can hear about old people who lost their ailments. Zhineng Qigong is good for really old people because they can more easily retain their ability to move. "


"It was my third autumn course, it was nice to come here and meet you all. You have been so kind and helpful. I've thought a lot about feelings. Whenever I’ve started to have negative feelings I have thought that it might not be necessary to feel or think that way, and it then has passed. I have been surprised that it could do so. I am also more aware of how emotions can affect the body. I am now trying to relax instead of being trapped in habitual behavior. I will be back next year. "

Höstkursen 2016 i Lärkkulla, gruppfoto

Like a new person

"I started to practice Qigong ten years ago, my story is on the website. For a long time now I haven’t been able to participate in the autumn courses or 


 courses. Have been practicing at home, but it is still not the same as on the courses. The correction has given me a lot. Thanks! I feel like a totally new person. "

Enjoy your practice

"This was my third autumn course, it's so nice to come here. Yesterday morning, I experienced for the first time what it means to enjoy practicing. I had such a fluency like I have never had before. I've been training for fourteen years, but still can not stand exactly right. Great fun with corrections. Top place to be. "


Lars Hagner