Hold Qi Up Ålesund [2016-09-03]

European Zhineng Qigong has now had its first weekend course in Tennfjord, near Ålesund, on the west coast of Norway. Several of the participants had heard and read about the good results from the Summer courses and were inspired to participate.

Some comments from Course participants:

The mind masters the body

“I joined a friend for this course because I am confident that such courses are good. The course has had a good influence on my body. I clearly feel signals from the brain controlling various body parts.”

Stiffness in my shoulders disappeared

“I am troubled by muscle pain and have tried both physical therapy and exercise. I heard about Hege’s good results at the Summer Course. I have not so strong faith, however. I try very hard to cope. When I woke up today I actually did not need to force myself to crack down my stiff shoulders. That was a great relief.”

Slept well

“I have struggled to regain good health for many years. 5 years ago I got a virus on the balance nerve, resulting in chronic fatigue. That was tragic, especially for my fulltime work as a nurse. I have been attending various courses. My wish is to have a life with stable energy and a healthy body, however, there has been a remaining tension in my body. Yesterday - when I drove home - I noticed that my head was clearer, and I have been in good shape the whole weekend. I slept like a log last night. I am positive to this training, especially when I see Hege’s results.”

“I have a wear injury in the back with constrictions. I also have nerve pain in my feet. I do not have much hope of getting rid of the pains. I do not want surgery. When I heard Hege talking about her results from the Summer Courses, I thought that it was worth to try practicing Zhineng Qigong. I walk a lot in the mountains. Normally, I do not sleep well, however, last night I slept well.”


“I know Hege from before and I have seen her sick. I have a weak body - and I go to a physiotherapist. I often go for a walk in the mountains. I work in a kindergarten, which is physically demanding. When I got here my energy was low. It can be difficult to keep a good energy level, so it is important to motivate each other. Yesterday I was tired. Today - when I woke up - I was in good shape. It is nice to practice in groups. Then we can stay together pushing each other slightly.”


“I was tipped off about Hege from my daughter in law, and I thought I could try this too. I have osteoarthritis and rheumatic pains. I am optimistic about this training.”

Woke up in top shape

“I have a back problem. I have tried two different methods to get better; like walking in mountains and climbing peaks. It was not of much help. I realize now that I made some mistakes. I walk and sit incorrectly. I was hoping that this course would help me to increase to the level where I think I should be, looking favorably on this. I was excited to wake up this morning. I felt in top shape! Usually I have trouble getting up without pains and problems.”


“It is certain that there is a lot I do not understand. I live with Hege and I can notice her benefits from this training. I also see that it helps in daily life. I am not particularly sick, however, the training helps me to relax, to calm down. I do not understand why - and what is happening. I have become more relaxed during this Weekend Course. That is important. I also sleep better at night now. It is rewarding for me.”

tennfjord 2016

A natural gentle smile

“I went to my first course in Zhineng Qigong last Summer. When I arrived at the course I was bedridden, however I came home dancing! My goal after the last Summer Course was to arrange Weekend Courses in Tennfjord. I want to share my good results with others. My body is partly being corrected now. It works in my hips and shoulders. My body is now relaxed, and I manage to do more than I do in my daily life. I have become calmer, happier. My “gentle smile” is now completely natural!”

Ingrid Tidemann