Summer course two Nossebro [2016-07-06]

The weather was not good for this year’s summer course 2. Short moments of sunshine were followed up by rain and more rain. That the weather did not show a summery side did not bother the approximately 130 participants who’d came to the school in Nossebro to practice Zhineng Qigong. The mood was still very good and the course was characterised by a positive and happy calm. Several of the participants said that the positive feeling from the course is with them longer and longer during the year. The memory of the happy laughter, the conversations, the atmosphere and not the least all the good results is lasting longer.

2016 summer course 2

Even if the social part is an important component, the focus is on the training. This year we practiced Xing Shen Zhuang for the sixth year and the level of the training is starting to rise. The exercise is popular and many practice it at home during the year. Many of the participants said that they managed to focus well on the training during the course, that their relaxation has reached a deeper level and that they can do the movements better. With that, also good results follow.

That the Qi-field is getting stronger and better year by year also showed on this year’s Qi comb course. Several of the participants got good results by listening to the lecture during the course. Many expressed a great gratitude for having a training method. Below are the results from our yearly survey and some comments from the participants.

2016 sommarkurs 2 graf engelskaYounger and better every year

"This is my nineteenth summer course and I am only getting better and better and younger every year. It has now loosened me up even more than it did during course one. When you are supposed to bend down and pinch the Achilles’ tendon I’ve always pinched the fold of the knee, I have not got further down. But I felt something happening in the back, and suddenly in one sweep I was down to the middle of the calf.

I want to say thank you so much for the comb course, I think it has given me results concerning headache and balance and that I am now managing to hold my neck upright, it probably comes from the combing that I’ve practiced two times a day since we started a few years ago. During this year’s comb course a huge mark on my skin which I’ve had for 25 years disappeared. When I had problems with my balance I hit my legs and got large bruises. Some marks did not disappear and my skin doctor explained that it was iron deposits in my skin that were difficult to get rid of. But now they have disappeared."

2016 sommarkurs 2 nossan

Lump in skin disappeared

"I took this course for the first time. This has suited me very well because my body is very soft now. I have much more energy, I’ve had several different kinds of diseases but I’ve never been so healthy as I am now, which I’ve been for about a year. And during this course, I’ve had a lump in my skin, in the groin, which was half a centimeter and in an inappropriate place. I had thought I would go to the doctor and ask them to take out the knife but it is gone, it disappeared the fourth day."

Getting my hair back

"In November I lost hair on various spots on my head, It has started to come back now during the course. During the last three, four days also the color on my hair has started to come back. So that is amazing. The wrists have got softer, the body has got softer."

Better posture

"My posture has changed a lot. I believe I’ve always stood pretty upright and had good posture anyway, but during this course there was a very distinct change in my posture. The quality of my training has got better now that my posture is better. I’m looking forward to looking at myself in the mirror at home, I have not been able to do that here, it feels very very different."

Better lungs and more energy

"My shoulders are stiff, but during an arm training something fell into place. My lungs were able to be filled, opened up. It was very comfortable. I used to be tired before I came here. Now I have got a lot of energy."

Body more symmetrical

"I am so unsymmetrical, but that is how it is, trying to get into balance. Though physical, perhaps it affects the soul as well, probably. I’ve found the arm training very comfortable and all the time it feels as if I can extend further to the side more and more. It has been as if my arms were constricted all these years. And now I can extend my arms so far and I feel so symmetrical."

Comfortable training

"I am very grateful for the course. It feels as if my body is opening up even more and I feel a change in the waist. When it comes to Dun Qiang I am making progress, but I’m not completely down yet. It feels like my body is filled, is getting more relaxed, especially around the backbone. The arm training has been wonderful. During a great part of the course I have been enjoying the training, as I was floating in the wonderful Qi-field which we are creating together. It feels unique and amazing."

Less anxiety and more energy

"I was tired and a little anxious when I came here, but after being here awhile I felt more relaxed. My energy level has been raised, my body is more mobile and I feel more relaxed. It has been a good course."

2016 sommarkurs 2 skulptur

Many improvements

"I am very grateful. I have got a lot of improvements. During the first days I was so filled with energy! I have not been so energised in 15 years! I got some dizziness and my neck creaked a couple of times, but then everything disappeared and I was feeling great. I directly understood that something good happened and was very happy. I am experiencing small improvements all the time. I have a deep wish that I can get completely recovered one day, even if I am today suffering from rheumatism. It may take some time, but it is worth it."

Enjoying the training more

"My body is more mobile and I am wondering if it is possible to have it like this all the year… Something that I take with me from this course is that I have been able to relax when I do the exercises. I am enjoying Xing Shen Zhuang more and more now that I can practice with more relaxation. I will carry the nice feeling from the summer course with me, and especially from the cabaret, during the rest of the year."


Su Donguye