Hold Qi Up in Alingsås, Bollnäs and Nybro – Nice Atmosphere and Many Improvements


This term we have, among other things, held basic courses i Hold Qi up in Alingsås, Nybro och Bollnäs. In Alingsås they held a basic course for the fifth time. The atmosphere during the course was nice and several participants said that they had felt calmness and joy. One group continues their evening group training together once a week.

Several participants reported that they had experienced improvements during the course, one participant said: ”Last winter I had an accident which led to my having one leg amputated below the knee. During this course I have managed to stand with my prosthesis during the whole of Hold Qi Up. It feels like a big step forward.”

Read the report from the course here: https://zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/en/courses/course-reports/10746-hold-qi-up-alingsas-2019-09-07.html

alingsås qigongkurs lyft upp qi september 2019

The training group during the course in Alingsås



In Bollnäs the course was held in Björktjära skola. The majority of the participants lived in the vicinity but a few had travelled to the course. Afterwards several of the participants told about the long term effects of Qigong, e.g. more energy, less pain and better mental state in the ordinary life with less anger and anxiety.

Two participants also told of positive effects from this year’s Summer Course. One said: ”After this years Summer Course I have felt so calm and contented, in a very agreeable way.”

Another participant told: ”Since 2012 I have had to keep a check on my liver status because it was not quite all right. During this year´s Summer Course I kept wishing that they would be all right. After the latest check-up I got a letter telling me that the status was good and that I must not come for check-ups again.”

Below there are some pictures from the course weekend showing the vicinity. Read the report from the course here: https://zhinengqigong.eu/index.php/sv/kurser/kursrapporter/10764-
bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 1bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 2bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 rönnbär


Courses in Nybro/Kalmar for Twenty Years!

It was a lovely atmosphere and good concentration during the practice of Hold Qi up in Nybro during the last weekend of September. ”We are soaking up a lot of qi for the autumn”, one participant said.
Twenty years ago we arranged the first course in Nybro/Kalmar and many of the participants have been practising for a long time. They meet each other during weekend courses, weekly training groups and Summer- and Winter Courses. Here are a couple of snaps from the weekend with the exterior of the place where the course was held – Nybrosalen in the building where the glass was cut in the former glassworks of Pukeberg.

nybro lyft upp qi 190928nybro lyft upp qi nybrosalen sliperiet pukeberg 190928

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