Meet the Autumn With Qigong Courses in Norway and Finland

During the 17th to the 20th of October European Zhineng Qigong offers the annual Autumn Courses this year in Oslo (Norway) and Pargas (Finland).


The Autumn Course is a four days long training course particularly aimed at you who have earlier taken part in one or more basic courses of Hold Qi Up. During an Autumn Course we go through the things you have learnt during the basic course again, we introduce some new things and we practice much more than during a basic course. To practice more during several consecutive days makes it easier to relax and to focus on practicing and this makes it easier to get better results.


The Autumn Course has been created by European Zhingeng Qigong as a step between our basic courses and our Summer Courses of 9 and 18 days. The general idea is that the Autumn Course will make it easier to practice a little more before taking the step to enrol in the Summer Course. For some frequent Summer Course participants the Autumn Course has been the way there. 


In spite of the fact that the Autumn Courses above all are aimed at participants who have taken part in a basic course it also suits more advanced participants who want to repeat and practice Hold Qi Up. The mix of new and experienced participants makes the practicing powerful and gives a good foundation for helping each other correcting the movements. The Autumn Courses are also a good opportunity to meet fellow Qigong practicioners, to share Qigong experiences and to meet friends from earlier courses.


This year the Autumn Course in Pargas, Finland is a course with bed and full board which means that we both practice and live together. During the course in Oslo, Norway, the participants meet during the day and practice, exactly like a basic course. 


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The Autumn Courses 2017
Click here for the course report for the course in Finland and click here for the report for the course in Norway, which was arranged in Bergen.


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