Are You Tired from Working at Your Computer?

Do you spend a lot of time at the computer? Do you suspect that this affects your health? Are you tired? Is your body stiff? Are your shoulders, neck or head aching? Practising Zhineng Qigong can help you maintain your energy and well-being.

With regular Qigong practise we can increase our energy. In our basic courses we teach specific ways of sitting and standing that help us maintain our energy instead of getting tired. The way we sit and stand has an effect on our health, so the more we use our bodies in a healthy way the better our well-being will be. Keeping a good posture at the computer is one way of keeping health problems away.

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Another way is to practise our Qigong exercise 'EasyCare for the Eyes' - a short program designed for the eyes, a part of the body that can suffer negative effects from watching a screen. Using the EasyCare technique while working at the computer can improve your eye health. The eyes have an effect on the rest of the body too, so the EasyCare method is beneficial for the body as a whole. Practising EasyCare for the eyes takes about three minutes.

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