“I Don’t Live With Pain Anymore and I Feel Strong and Calm.”

Getting rid of pain can remarkably  enhance the quality of your life. Read about how qigong has helped some of our practitioners reduce their pain.



“I don't live with pain anymore and I feel strong and calm. I'm in charge of my health situation. I'm constantly increasing my awareness of how to live and practise to be healthy.”

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Thor Sanne

“Since the course (9 weeks have passed now) I haven't had what I call pain attacks! A couple of times during the week directly after the course I felt similar to the way I used to feel prior to my pain attacks starting, but as stated no real pain attacks. It's new for me to experience such long periods of time with so few symptoms, and I connect the qigong training directly to the change in my state.”

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“I attended a basic course. I was actually going to see season opening of AIK that weekend but I couldn't due to the pain. Straight away, during the first day of the course I felt that the training was something special. I decided to go for Zhineng Qigong. I continued to practice. Gradually my knee improved. Quite soon my pain was completely gone.”

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“What an incredible feeling when things started happening straight away during the first weekend course! Immediately after the first day I felt a lightness and softness in my shoulders that I hadn't felt before and I slept like a baby through the entire night, already the first night.”

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“…when I came back home I noticed marked improvements. The painful ache I had had earlier was gone. I was walking with my husband to a café when he said "You don't limp at all now". “

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