”Now, I can keep calmer even in stressful situations.”


More and more people feel stressed in their daily life. Read about how some of our participants experience less stress after starting to practise European Zhineng Qigong.

“I still think my best results are the mental results. Now I can keep calmer even in stressful situations. I don't get involved in the stress in the same way; I keep it at a distance. I'm learning to take one thing at the time even though there is a lot of pressure.”

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“I have also had problems with stress and fatigue. Shortly after I started practising again the qigong training resolved these problems. Now I feel stronger than before I got these symptoms and feel both calmer and happier. I've also got a lot more energy in general.”

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“I have had results from practising. I feel more alert, calmer and stronger and I can handle stressful situations. I have a demanding job and I am convinced that I wouldn't have managed so well if I hadn't practised.”

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“If I come home from work and I'm speeded up, my thoughts are very well diverted after practising. I get to see things from other perspectives. After practising things just fall off from me. It's great!”

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“Qigong has helped me to handle situations that before would have made me stressed or sad.”

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