Bright Spots in the November Darkness - the Autumn Courses 2017

2017 Höstkurs Bergen 5

This year's Autumn Courses were arranged in Karis, Finland and Bergen, Norway during November month. Our Autumn Courses are four days long residential Courses where the participants live, eat and practice together in separated and scenic environments. During the Autumn Course in Finland we stay at Lärkkulla Folk High School, situated on an elevation with pine trees in the south of Finland. The Norwegian course we arrange outside of Bergen in Dyrkobotn Fjellstove with a view of mountains as well as valleys and a beautiful lake. During the Autumn Courses we practice and deepen into what we have learned during a basic course in Hold Qi Up but we also try some Summer Course training.

This year's participants in both Finland and Norway were very happy with the courses. A lot of them was happy about the inclusive atmosphere and feeling of community among the participants. Here are some pictures from the days.

2017 Autumn Course Bergen, group photoGroup photo Bergen

2017 Autumn Course Karis, group photoGroup photo Karis

2017 Autumn Course Bergen, coffee break Coffee break in Bergen. During the breaks the participants also could enjoy the fantastic view.

2017 Autumn course Karis, participants drinking teaThe participants drank a lot of tea during the course in Karis, a nice way to gather during the breaks.2017 Autumn Course Karis, correctionsDuring the Autumn Courses we practice a lot of Hold Qi Up and have time to go through the exercise properly, among other things by getting a lot of help with corrections.

2017 Autumn Course Bergen, participants practicing in the training hallPractice in the training hall in Bergen. The atmosphere was very nice during the course.2017 Autumn Course Karis, the tea-making listThe tea-making lists which are frequently used in Finland is an appreciated way of giving many the opportunity to help out. Traditionally the list was also used during this Autumn Course.

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