Thinking of What to Pack for the Winter Course?

Very soon the Winter Courses is here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced participants about things that might be good to bring.

You can get a copy of the list here.

 Karlskoga Winter Course 2019

Thanks for the Past Year!

We hope that you’ve had a good Christmas and we thank you all for a year filled with lots of training and lovely community, both during and outside courses. Here come pictures from some of all the courses we’ve arranged during 2018.

The Summer Course Training



2018 started with well-attended Summer Course Training days in Gothenburg – 5 days of training straight after new year. Click here to sign up for the Summer Course training 2019, which is arranged in Stockholm January 2-6. 

The Winter Course



The Winter Course we arranged it for week 8 as usual. 2018 we were almost 100 participants. “These eight days I have had more energy than I have had for the past five years.”, a participant said who joined the Winter Course for the first time. Click here to sign up for the Winter Course 2019.

The training trip to Spain


A picture from the trip to Spain in April 2018. “This course has strengthened me a lot, both mentally and physically. Qigong is my life saver.” Click here to register for the trip to Spain 2019.


The Summer Courses




Some pictures participants took during this year’s Summer Courses. Many participants had improvements during the courses, for example a participant who joined the Summer Course for the first time said: “I came here with a very tired brain after an intense period in my life, but after only two days I felt that my mental situation was much better.”

The Autumn Courses



As usual the Autumn Courses were arranged both in Norway and Finland. In Norway it took place in Oslo for the first time.


Basic Courses


During 2018 we arranged more than 60 basic courses. In the course program you can find the courses for the spring term 2019. In January you can attend Hold Qi Up in Bollnäs and Oslo and Shenxin Qigong in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Bodø.

European Zhineng Qigong wishes you a Happy New Year!


Why Putting up Posters?

Putting up posters is one of several methods we use to catch peoples attentions and to be seen. What is the revenue of putting up posters? Well there are several examples of persons practising with us today who, once upon a time, found us because of a poster. Madeleine and Johannes are two of them.

affischtavla stockholm qigong 2018

Madeleine remembers how she got into contact with European Zhineng Qigong for the first time. She was sitting in her physician’s waiting room when one of our posters caught her eye. She had just had some bad news and was crying when she looked up and saw the poster with someone practising qigong. She had never before heard of qigong but it immediately caught her interest. ”Qigong… training yourself… that I thought is what I am looking for” she told. It felt good to find something she could do herself every day, earlier she had had to run around to different places to get help. Today she has been practising for more than 14 years and is still enjoying it.

affischtavla malin livia stockholm qigong 2018

Two qigong practitioners putting up posters in Stockholm during the hot summer.

Johannes has also been practising for a long time. 18 years ago he wanted to take the entrance examinations to the Academy of Music but suffered from inflammation in his wrists. While out walking he saw one of our posters and decided to participate in one of our weekend courses as soon as possible. He did that and the inflammation disappeared. He could do the entrance exams and was accepted. Since then he has continued to practise on a daily basis.

Perhaps you can help putting up posters where you live and practise? Ask a teacher or a contact person if you are interested.

“My thoughts don't spinn around and I look at my life with happiness.”

sommarkurs2 2018 maria malin magdalena nossebro walk

It’s important to be able to wind down in daily life. Being able to be here and now without using too much energy on pondering and worrying. Read how our participants experience a feeling of being in the presence after training with European Zhineng Qigong.



“Mental blocks do not throw me out of balance so easily anymore – I am more stable and I often chuckle at life. It is nice to know that I no longer worry those near me all the time, but instead I am able to induce calm and make them laugh.”

Read more about Lotta here.



"The most important thing that has happened since I started practicing qigong is that it has become quiet in my head. Before, thoughts, memory fragments, gossip, 'junk' disturbed me. It was never calm.

Read more about Hanne here.



“The tensions in my body has released enormously. When I take a rest I can relax. My stomach works properly and I breathe easier. My mind is calmer and I look upon life with happiness.”

Read more about Gunilla here.



“I'm more present and I'm calmer. Even people around me notice my changes.”

Read more about Lotta here.



“Qigong is today also a tool that helps me to deal with difficulties in life. I'm calmer and more balanced.”

Read more about Lotta-Karin here.



“Mentally I complete things more readily and am more structured and calm. Life gets better and better at all levels when I practise Zhineng Qigong. The practice is my medicine and a tool to keep stable, good and lifelong health.”

Read more about Jessica here.


We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here.

Are You Tired from Working at Your Computer?

Do you spend a lot of time at the computer? Do you suspect that this affects your health? Are you tired? Is your body stiff? Are your shoulders, neck or head aching? Practising Zhineng Qigong can help you maintain your energy and well-being.

With regular Qigong practise we can increase our energy. In our basic courses we teach specific ways of sitting and standing that help us maintain our energy instead of getting tired. The way we sit and stand has an effect on our health, so the more we use our bodies in a healthy way the better our well-being will be. Keeping a good posture at the computer is one way of keeping health problems away.

sommarkurs2 2018 malin magdalena sunset practise

Another way is to practise our Qigong exercise 'EasyCare for the Eyes' - a short program designed for the eyes, a part of the body that can suffer negative effects from watching a screen. Using the EasyCare technique while working at the computer can improve your eye health. The eyes have an effect on the rest of the body too, so the EasyCare method is beneficial for the body as a whole. Practising EasyCare for the eyes takes about three minutes.

See our course program to find a course near to you!

easycare eyes malin 440

Enjoy Practicing in Autumn Darkness

The last weekend in October is not only when we go back to GMT but we also had qigong courses in five different places in Sweden, Finland and Norway! Many qigong practitioners took the opportunity to meet to practice together and enjoy good company during this weekend when the darkness really made itself felt. In Gothenburg, Åbo, Karlskoga and Ljungskile we held basic weekend courses in Hold Qi Up and in Oslo the Autumn Course took place for the first time. Keep your eyes peeled for the course reports to read more of the results!

karlskoga kapellet lyft upp qi sol

When you hear Karlskoga you immediately think about one of European Zhineng Qigong’s training courses, the Winter Course, arranged there every year in February. This time it was a basic weekend course of Hold Qi Up which took place in a very cosy small nonconformist chapel belonging to Karlskoga Folkhögskola.

karlskoga kapellet lyft upp qi angelica

A picture from the course in Karlskoga.

karlskoga kapellet lyft upp qi 440px

We practiced in a little house next to the school.

ljungskile helgkurs snow

The course in Ljungskile took place in Ljungskilegården which is like a church hall but belongs to the community, not the church. Snowflakes kept falling which you can see in the picture above taken on Sunday.

oslo operahus morgon autumn course sunrise

oslo operahus morgon autumn course

The Autumn Course in Norway is held every year. Until now it has taken place in Bergen but this year it was in Oslo for the first time. Here’s a couple of photos taken by participants early one morning before starting practicing, during a morning walk to the Oslo Opera House.

”Qigong Gives me Quality of Life on Many Levels”

Read how some of our participants experience their life quality has increased by practising qigong.


“During this spring I have felt that I have had better quality of life than I have had in a very long time. I have been more alert, slept less, gotten the initiative back and I have felt it as pleasure to meet people again”


“Qigong gives me higher quality of life on many levels, both physically and mentally and it gives me a surplus of energy.”


“I practice qigong to feel better and to strengthen both body and mind. Qigong has become a part of me, and because of it my quality of life has greatly improved”


“The training has become my daily companion and without it my quality of life would have been much lower. For every situation there is one or other Zhineng Qigong exercise that can strengthen me, put me in balance and increase my energy levels. It is like a brilliant tool box which is easy to carry with you.”


“Qigong has given me a better life and increased my life-quality. And all these positive things happened in about six months”
We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here

”Now I'm no Longer a Wreck in the Beginning of Summer”

vardagsqigong stockholm eva

Read about how some of our participants experience that the qigongpractice have affected their worklife in a positive way. We have written about this before in another post that you'll find here.


"It is very important that I can do my job with high quality. As a psychologist, it is of great value that I have become much better at thinking clearly in very emotional situations. Even if people around me are very emotional I can remain calm."

Read more about Hanne here.


“I also notice effects in my profession in the field of emergency psychiatrics. In the past I made a lot of notes when I visited patients, but I don't need to now. My memory has improved.”

Read more about Bodil here


“I work as a teacher and although I like teaching, it takes its toll. I used to be exhausted when the school year was over. Now I'm no longer a wreck in early summer and more and more colleagues and friends are becoming interested in qigong when they see my improvement.”

Read more about Ulla here.

We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here.

Personally Decorated Shoes During this Year’s Trip to Spain

Many participants have found nice solutions to the face that the training shoes we use are so similar. During our longer courses with many participants, e.g. the Summer Course, you can easily mistake someone else’s shoes for your own, since there’s so many of us. To separate their shows in the crowd, some has decorated them, something that also makes them nice and personal. We have before published two articles with other decorated shoes which you can find if you click here and here. Below follows pictures of personally decorated shoes during this years training trip to Spain.



A participant during this year’s trip to Spain shows her embroidered shoes.


Another participant on the course has put a little decoration on her shoes.


“I Don’t Live With Pain Anymore and I Feel Strong and Calm.”

Getting rid of pain can remarkably  enhance the quality of your life. Read about how qigong has helped some of our practitioners reduce their pain.



“I don't live with pain anymore and I feel strong and calm. I'm in charge of my health situation. I'm constantly increasing my awareness of how to live and practise to be healthy.”

Read more about Ylva here

Thor Sanne

“Since the course (9 weeks have passed now) I haven't had what I call pain attacks! A couple of times during the week directly after the course I felt similar to the way I used to feel prior to my pain attacks starting, but as stated no real pain attacks. It's new for me to experience such long periods of time with so few symptoms, and I connect the qigong training directly to the change in my state.”

Read more about Thor Sanne here. 


“I attended a basic course. I was actually going to see season opening of AIK that weekend but I couldn't due to the pain. Straight away, during the first day of the course I felt that the training was something special. I decided to go for Zhineng Qigong. I continued to practice. Gradually my knee improved. Quite soon my pain was completely gone.”

Read more about Samsom here


“What an incredible feeling when things started happening straight away during the first weekend course! Immediately after the first day I felt a lightness and softness in my shoulders that I hadn't felt before and I slept like a baby through the entire night, already the first night.”

Read more about Johanna here


“…when I came back home I noticed marked improvements. The painful ache I had had earlier was gone. I was walking with my husband to a café when he said "You don't limp at all now". “

Read more about Anita here

 We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here


Thank you for sending us your photos from the Summer Courses, we would love some more!

We have received many nice pictures and we are very happy about that, so thank you! We have used some of the photos in the course report of Summer Course 2, which you can find here. Maybe some of you have more photos, if so, please send them to us. Meanwhile, here is the photo collage from the Summer Courses, that we promised you! 


If you want to have a look at the pictures from last years Summer Courses, you will find them here.


Hope you are doing well!


Do you have photos from this years summer courses you would like to share?

Now this year’s summer courses 1 and 2 have ended. Many of us have returned home with good results and great memories. You can read about the results from the training in the course reports here on the webpage. We all carry the good memories within us  but as a way of helping us remember, those of us who would like to, now have the opportunity to send pictures taken during the summer courses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It can be photos of  Nossebro, the surroundings, of nature or from the excursions. We plan to use the pictures in different publications here on the web but first, if we get enough photos , we'll make  a collage of the summer courses. With the new data protection regulation in mind, we ask you not to send pictures with people in them.

Have a great summer!


sommarkurs 2018 nossebro skola sol rosor


This Year’s Summer Courses has Started!

The Summer Courses 2018 has started and first is Summer Course one where we this year are 179 participants and a bunch of mischievous, accompanying children. As usual we are in Nossebro and so far the weather has been warm and sunny. During Summer Course one we have practiced a lot and several participants have already shared positive training results, such as increased wellbeing. Something else that many value a lot is the community and simple togetherness that are created when we live, practice and eat together during the weeks of the Summer Courses. Here comes a few pictures as inspiration if you feel like practicing a little extra at home during the summer.

traning solnedgang motljus xing shen zhuang

traning solnedgang motljus lyft upp qi


2017 magnolia tradgard orage blommor

Magnolia tradgard blommor 2017

Excursion to Magnolia in Nossebro

Thinking of What to Pack for the Summer Course?

Very soon the summer courses are here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring. If you where to forget something at home, it is not the whole world. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are within walking distance.

You can get a copy of the list here.

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 486EZQ Sommarkursen2016 488




“Through Practising Qigong I'm Becoming More of my True Self”

I started practising qigong with European Zhineng Qigong in 2008. My brother Kaj who had been to the Summer Course thougt I should give it a try. So I did.

IMG 8649The more I practise, the more I notice that I need the qigong. By practising it feels like all the stupid things that have gathered from growing up just washes away.

It gives a lot to practise qigong. Everything gets better. Both professionally and in all kinds of relations with other people. Through practising qigong, I'm becoming more of my true self. Going to the Summer Course is the highlight of the year.

“People who Practise Qigong are Very Kind and Welcoming.”

The yearly Summer Courses are approaching. They are two 9-day residential courses with one following the other, a total of 18 days. Read here about some of our participants’ positive experiences from the Summer Courses.

Ann Veronique Anna 440px



“It's nice that I can be here without anyone expecting anything from me. I can participate without the duties of everyday life. Things work anyway. One has the possibility to socialize with others, but one can also be alone and withdraw if one feels like it. Here one can be oneself.”

Read Bodil’s story here.


“It is also nice to have met so many fantastic people while practising qigong. Many of my fellow students have managed to build up a new life after getting through extremely though phases in their life.”

Read Bodil’s story here.


“I've also noticed that people who practise qigong are very friendly and welcoming. There is no competition, instead everyone is competing with themselves and helping others.”

Read Ylva’s story here


“And it's lovely to see everybody getting improvements. Not to speak of all the lovely people at the Summer Course. Everyone socializes with one another, like a big family. If I get to feel as good as I'm doing here at the Summer Course, it's fantastic.”

Read Carina’s story here


“I can divide my life into before and after the Summer Course. The change in my life was that huge. The atmosphere was fantastic, and I met a lot of wonderful people.”

Read Camilla’s story here.

We organize courses in different towns, read more about our courses here.

Greetings from Almuñécar

We are now in full swing in Almuñécar where we both practice and have time during the afternoons for other activities. Very wonderful company, during the shorter as well as the longer breaks. A few pictures from the first days of the week:

Spanien 2018 40 440px

Spanien 2018 34 440pxMany think it is wonderful to sit on the terrace outside of the training hall between practice sessions.

Spanien 2018 2000px54 440px

On Wednesday we made an excursion into the mountains. First to the village of Pampaneira, where we strolled around in the little shops.

Spanien 2018 2000px88 440px

Then we went to the olive oil museeum where we got to hear about the process of producing olive oil and had the opportunity to buy some products.

”In my line of work, which is often characterized by difficult decisions, I am much clearer and calmer”

Qigong results & work

Read how some of our participants experience that training qigong has a positive impact on their work.


”In my work as a school principal I daily meet a lot of people. I have many meetings which can sometime be strenuous. Now I feel a safety in knowing that the qigong training strengthens me. After practicing I know that I sleep well no matter what I'll do the next day. The calm I get from training also makes me listen well and "be there" for everybody.”

Read more about Monika here


”My attitude toward difficulties and problems is different and I am much more secure and confident as a person. In my line of work, which is often characterized by difficult decisions, I am much clearer and calmer when I meet clients and in difficult encounters.”

Read more about Magdalena here


”I've also become a bit more humble and I can handle e.g. anger better. It is very useful in my contact with students and colleagues. You can not scream and yell as a teacher. That doesn't solve any problem!”

Read more about Jonas here


”I got insights into how I can work with nervousness, stage presence and timing. The last few years I have had problems with a stiff arm and not gotten the arm up properly, now it's not a problem anymore, and the play has become much more relaxed, although the sound has been affected positively and I know clearly how to keep posture that does not strain the body.”

Read more about Lina here


”I worked several years as a masseuse for different companies and got good results after I had done a Tuina course organized by European Zhineng Qigong. It brought my work as a masseur on a new dimension. I actively practised qigong and often got comments of my clients when I had been on a weekend course. They said they felt the difference in my way of massaging after I attended a course.”

Read more about Gittan here

We arrange courses in many different places, read more about our courses here


John and Simon – Why I Return to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about why John returns to the Summer Courses every year. Nowadays he joins the Summer Course together with his son Simon.


“To participate in the Summer Course is obvious to me nowadays”

The Summer Courses give me a lot. Apart from the training, one always reaches new insights and experiences and it is also fun to meet all the others who are practising. The training makes me feel strong, calm, alert and happy, and more focused. After a Summer Course, I am motivated to practise more at home.

John och Simon 1 440px


“Everyone here is very nice, and I really enjoy being here”

This is the third year that I am attending the Summer Course and it is the second year I am participating in the training. I attended my first week-end course when I was six years old. It is fun to come here and meet all my friends who I only meet here at the courses. Everyone is very nice, and I really enjoy being here. I have also become friends with some adults. The training gives me energy and I feel happier after a course. After the Summer Course I also feel calmer. And I can more easily focus. I feel that the qigong training helps me in every way. Me and my dad practise together at home!

”The Training Allows me to Handle my Illness Better”

Long-term illness

Falling ill can be overwhelming and leave you feeling powerless, especially during a long-term illness. Read more about participants who get relief from being able to influence their wellbeing.


“I've made such progress. Today I have a tool with which I can influence my life and my health. I feel a confidence and a security in Qigong. If I feel bad I practise more. The feeling of being able to influence myself is of great importance. I don't feel like a victim of a chronic disease even though I'm far from healthy. Today, I can handle my bad times better mentally in a whole new way. But these come more seldom and the pain is less severe.”

Read more about Camilla here


“The training helps me handle my disease better. I can keep a distance and I feel mentally stronger.”

Read more about Erika here


“I associate qigong with possibilities and hope – a self training art where I can influence my situation myself.”

Read more about Lene here


“The training makes me happy and it makes me glad to be able to rule my body. Qigong is a wonderful way to move and at the same time get fast improvements – both physically and mentally. I never thought the results would come this fast. Best of all is that I can practice every day and almost at any place!”

Read more about Petra here


“My thoughts about my own life, my dreams and ambitions have changed. Now I do not want to do things which do not give me more energy and joy. Life is too precious not to be respected and part of the respect of my own life is definitely my continued Qigong training.”

Read more about Björn here


"Qigong gives me the strength to make choices that I know benefits my wellbeing”

Read more about Elisabeth here

We arrange courses in many different places, read more about our courses here.


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