Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

European Zhineng Qigong wants to wish you all a very merry Christmas! We hope that you will have a lovely holiday together with your loved ones. Sometimes the Christmas holiday can bring different kinds of challenges, and then it can be good not to forget your Qigong training that can help you to stay calm and focus on what’s positive. Christmas can also be an opportunity to be extra kind and helpful. Wherever and however you celebrate Christmas we hope that you get wonderful days and we’ll see each other when the semester starts again.

Merry Christmas!

qigong magda malin shenxin qigong snö 2

A wintry picture from this year’s Winter Course, which we will be arranging again 16th to 20th of February 2020.


Join the trip to Spain 2020! 

Once again we travel together to Almuñécar, close to Malaga where we stay together at the same hotel and practise Qigong. Click here to read more about the trip 2020. There is still room for more participants! Click here to register for the course. 

Here are some photos from the trip 2019:


In the mornings, before breakfast, we practise at the beach. It is highly appreciated, a lovely way to start the day. During the trip there is time for both practising and relaxing


We also practise in the hotel where we live.


During the breaks you can sit at the terrace outside the practising hall and enjoy the ocean view.



Summer Course Training and EasyCare - Eyes in Gothenburg 2020

Now it´s possible to sign up for the Summer Course training in Gothenburg – a five day course that is open for participants who have joined our Summer Course. The course takes place 2-6 January 2020. We arrange the course every second year in Stockholm respectively Gothenburg, this year it´s Gothenburg’s turn to host the course. Click here to sign up for the course.

During the Summer Course training, the fourth of January, we arrange the course EasyCare – eyes. Which is a short and effective training that only takes a few minutes to practise. The course focuses on the eyes but it will affect the whole body. The course last for about one hour. The training can, among other things, prevent work related injuries. Click here to read more about this.

EasyCare – eyes is open for those who have joined any of our courses such as basic courses of Hold Qi Up and Shenxin Qigong. Click here to sign up for the course.

Warm welcome!


A well-filled training hall. Pictures from the course the last time it was arranged in Gothenburg.


Hold Qi Up in Alingsås, Bollnäs and Nybro – Nice Atmosphere and Many Improvements


This term we have, among other things, held basic courses i Hold Qi up in Alingsås, Nybro och Bollnäs. In Alingsås they held a basic course for the fifth time. The atmosphere during the course was nice and several participants said that they had felt calmness and joy. One group continues their evening group training together once a week.

Several participants reported that they had experienced improvements during the course, one participant said: ”Last winter I had an accident which led to my having one leg amputated below the knee. During this course I have managed to stand with my prosthesis during the whole of Hold Qi Up. It feels like a big step forward.”

Read the report from the course here:

alingsås qigongkurs lyft upp qi september 2019

The training group during the course in Alingsås



In Bollnäs the course was held in Björktjära skola. The majority of the participants lived in the vicinity but a few had travelled to the course. Afterwards several of the participants told about the long term effects of Qigong, e.g. more energy, less pain and better mental state in the ordinary life with less anger and anxiety.

Two participants also told of positive effects from this year’s Summer Course. One said: ”After this years Summer Course I have felt so calm and contented, in a very agreeable way.”

Another participant told: ”Since 2012 I have had to keep a check on my liver status because it was not quite all right. During this year´s Summer Course I kept wishing that they would be all right. After the latest check-up I got a letter telling me that the status was good and that I must not come for check-ups again.”

Below there are some pictures from the course weekend showing the vicinity. Read the report from the course here:
bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 1bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 2bollnäs lyft upp qi september 2019 rönnbär


Courses in Nybro/Kalmar for Twenty Years!

It was a lovely atmosphere and good concentration during the practice of Hold Qi up in Nybro during the last weekend of September. ”We are soaking up a lot of qi for the autumn”, one participant said.
Twenty years ago we arranged the first course in Nybro/Kalmar and many of the participants have been practising for a long time. They meet each other during weekend courses, weekly training groups and Summer- and Winter Courses. Here are a couple of snaps from the weekend with the exterior of the place where the course was held – Nybrosalen in the building where the glass was cut in the former glassworks of Pukeberg.

nybro lyft upp qi 190928nybro lyft upp qi nybrosalen sliperiet pukeberg 190928

Weekend Courses and Wintertime!

The weekend 26-27th of October there are opportunities to participate in courses on several of our locations. In Bergen and Osen in Norway we arrange basic courses in Shenxin Qigong and Hold Qi Up. In Stockholm, Vallda and Karlskoga we arrange basic courses in Hold Qi Up. We want to wish all participants good practice and also remind us all about the transition from summer- to wintertime the night between Saturday and Sunday that weekend – so you don’t arrive an hour early to the course!

höstkurs 2019 pargas 1

A picture from the Autumn Course in Pargas, Finland, that is going on right now – October 16-20, at the same time as the Autumn Course in Oslo.

Give the day a Good start by Practicing Qigong!

While some by nature have plenty of energy in the morning, for others that part of the day can be very difficult. Due to the state of health one can experience problems with everything from waking up, getting out of bed, stiffness in the morning, pain or bad temper. Practicing Qigong can be one way of reducing the difficult things and instead get a feeling of well-being in the morning. European Zhineng Qigong teaches several methods that are good to practice in the morning, but which to choose? We have asked some of our participants about what they practice in the morning and in what way it helps them to get a better start of the day. During the autumn we will publish their ideas in a short series consisting of three different parts. First was a participant who starts the day by practicing Hold Qi Up. The next is a person who practices Easy Care in the morning to get the body started.


Pain in the morning gets easier with EasyCare-practise

”I suffer from pain in my back, in my shoulders and in the nape of my neck. When I wake up in the morning I am very stiff and suffer from pains in one or several of my problem areas. It is hard to wake up feeling pain but fortunately I have learnt several small Qigong methods that I can use to get the body going. I start the morning by sitting down on a stool and practice fingertraining to get the circulation going. Then I practice two methods from the EasyCare-series: EasyCares for eyes and Combtraining. The cirulation is improving and the pains recede. These small methods also aids to prepare the body for more Qigong practise. I like practicing Shenxing Qigong in the morning because it makes the whole body more supple, particularly the shoulders, the back and the hips.”

Snaps From the Summer Course

Now, when the Nordic children are back in school and most of us have returned home from our vacations, it would be nice to remember some lovely summer memories. We can share a few shots with lovely summer memories that have been sent to us. We would love to have lots more! So if you have any photos from the Summer Course please share them with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            




This Semester's Courses Have Started

Now, the autumn term’s courses have started and this weekend, one of our course locations were Ljungskile. It was the eighth course arranged there and the premises, Ljungskilegården, contributes to a calm and nice atmosphere. Below follow some pictures from Ljungskile.

We also have had courses in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Hanko and Alingsås, among others, and many more are planned during the autumn. Here you can find all of our courses:

We extend a warm welcome to you if you would like to practice with us!

ljungskile ljungskilegården lyft upp qi 2019ljungskile ljungskilegården lyft upp qi affisch 2019ljungskile lyft upp qi 2019

Give the day a Good Start by Practicing Qigong!

While some naturaly have plenty of energy in the morning, for others that part of the day can be more challenging. Depending on your state of health, one can experience problems with everything from waking up, getting out of bed, stiffness in the morning, pain or bad temper. Practicing Qigong can be one way of reducing the difficult things and instead get a feeling of well-being in the morning. European Zhineng Qigong teaches several methods that are good to practice in the morning, but which to choose? We have asked some of our participants about what they practice in the morning and in what way it helps them to get a better start of the day. Throughout the autumn we will publish their ideas in a short series consisting of three different parts. The first is a person who starts the morning by practicing Hold Qi Up.



Hold Qi Up in the morning makes my body supple and my mind calm

 ”I practice Hold Qi Up in the morning because it gives my day a very good start. It is a nice way of getting my body started and I feel good by starting the day by getting supple. If I am stiff and in pain it disappears by practicing. I also feel that I acquire balance by Hold Qi Up, my mind is calm. After practicing in the morning I can start the day in a calm and ordered way even if I am very busy. Practicing gives me a structure for the whole day. Even if there are lots of things going on in my life, and a lot of things happen, it is as if I have a basic calm with which to meet the day. Practice makes me happier. My dog also likes my practicing Hold Qi Up, she has noticed that I play more with her then!”

At the Office - Better Posture and Concentration when Practising Qigong

One of our aims when practising Qigong is to manage our everyday life better. Many of us spend a great deal of time at work, so coping with our work and preventing work-related injuries can be important for us.

One of our participants works as a consultant in IT and sits a lot at the computer. Through practising Qigong his capacity to concentrate has grown and his posture has improved. “It is much easier to focus despite intense periods of work with a lot to do. When it comes to my body posture I am now able to feel which way of sitting is better for my body and which is less so.”

He also claims Qigong has helped him when cooperating with others. “It is easier to see to the result of the group as a whole, when before I used to focus more on my own accomplishment.“

Do you have experiences of the effects of Qigong at work and do you want to share them with us on the webpage? Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meet the Autumn With Qigong Courses in Norway and Finland

During the 17th to the 20th of October European Zhineng Qigong offers the annual Autumn Courses this year in Oslo (Norway) and Pargas (Finland).


The Autumn Course is a four days long training course particularly aimed at you who have earlier taken part in one or more basic courses of Hold Qi Up. During an Autumn Course we go through the things you have learnt during the basic course again, we introduce some new things and we practice much more than during a basic course. To practice more during several consecutive days makes it easier to relax and to focus on practicing and this makes it easier to get better results.


The Autumn Course has been created by European Zhingeng Qigong as a step between our basic courses and our Summer Courses of 9 and 18 days. The general idea is that the Autumn Course will make it easier to practice a little more before taking the step to enrol in the Summer Course. For some frequent Summer Course participants the Autumn Course has been the way there. 


In spite of the fact that the Autumn Courses above all are aimed at participants who have taken part in a basic course it also suits more advanced participants who want to repeat and practice Hold Qi Up. The mix of new and experienced participants makes the practicing powerful and gives a good foundation for helping each other correcting the movements. The Autumn Courses are also a good opportunity to meet fellow Qigong practicioners, to share Qigong experiences and to meet friends from earlier courses.


This year the Autumn Course in Pargas, Finland is a course with bed and full board which means that we both practice and live together. During the course in Oslo, Norway, the participants meet during the day and practice, exactly like a basic course. 


Join the course

The Autumn Courses 2017
Click here for the course report for the course in Finland and click here for the report for the course in Norway, which was arranged in Bergen.


We Would Love to Have Your Pictures From the Summer Courses!

Did you take any nice photos during the courses in Nossebro that you would like to share on our website? If so we would love it if you could send them by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We would like pictures from for example the landscapes of Nossebro, other photos of nature or photos from the outings. The photos given to us may be published on our website. Last year we made a photo collage from the pictures sent to us, you can view it here: Considering the GDPR legislation we ask you not to send any photos where people can be identified.

Here is a picture one of the participants gave us after this year's Summers Courses. A butterfly was very content sitting on his arm during an outing in the middle of the course.


Qigong Training This Summer – put up Posters Together With a friend!

In many places where we arrange courses we use posters for marketing. There are many examples off students who started practising after seeing a poster. Click here to read about Madeleine and Johannes, two participants who started to practise thanks to a poster. They have now practised with us for many years and have had great improvements.


Summertime is a great season for putting up posters. The upcoming semesters courses are planned but have not yet taken place and the warm weather is perfect for a pleasant walk. If you would like to give a hand and put up posters where you live, please contact a teacher or the contact person. 


Putting up posters can also be a great social activity, something that the depicted qigong students in Stockholm agree on, they often combine posters with walks.

Summer and Qigong Training in Nossebro

For the 25th year in a row, the European Zhineng Qigong Summer Courses have started. This year, like many before, we are in Nossebro where we live and practice in the school’s facilities for 18 days. The Summer Courses are the best training we can offer and we focus on practicing and learning professional qigong methods. Several course participants have already reported that the training has improved their quality of life in different ways. These results include, among others, reduction of pain, improved sleep and an improved calm. Several people have also shared their positive experiences of community and good company during the course. This year we are over 170 persons who live a simple life here, eat well, practice a lot and socialise with each other. Here are some photos - from the training hall, from the trip some of us made halfway through course one and of our life here in general.

sommarkurs 2019 träningssal 1sommarkurs nossebro 2019 1200 1sommarkurs nossebro 2019 utflyktsdagen 4sommarkurs nossebro 2019 utflyktsdagen 3sommarkurs nossebro 2019 utflyktsdagen 1sommarkurs nossebro 2019 utflyktsdagen 2

Thinking of What to Pack for the Summer Course?

Very soon the summer courses are here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring. If you where to forget something at home, it is not the whole world. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are within walking distance.

You can get a copy of the list here.

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 486EZQ Sommarkursen2016 488




Almost time for the Summer Courses - have you booked your travel tickets yet?

It is not long before the Summer Courses begin! It might be a good idea to make your travel arrangements soon, since more Swedes spend their vacation within Sweden, travelling by train and bus, and many journeys may be getting fully booked. An other thing to keep in mind for the Summer Courses is that this year it is possible to pre-register for the EasyCare Comb courses in our web page. For more information go to:

Enjoy this inspiring collage of photographs taken during last year's courses, to welcome you to Nossebro!


Click the picture to enlarge image.


Åsa - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

”As a result of my attending the Summer Courses I cope with autumn in a better way”

”I joined my first Summer Course in 2011 and have since attended all 18 days each year. In the beginning I returned to the Summer Courses because of my migraine. That problem has gradually got better since I started to practice qigong. But in recent years I come not only for my physical health but also because the training has given me an inner calm. As a result of my attending the Summer Courses, I cope with my work a little better when autumn comes. I also have more motivation and can manage both everyday life and my family life better.”


“There was a great improvement with the migraine in the spring of 2012, but also in other areas of my health. In the past, I had several migraine attacks a month but now these attacks have become considerably milder and if they come at all, they have nearly no effect on me. I used to take preventative medicines which I do not need anymore. I knew nothing about qigong when I started practicing EZQ. A friend who used to have problems with his back had become better by practicing qigong told me about EZQ. So I just wanted to test because I too had stiff shoulders and neck. My first impression was that everyone was so open and warm. I liked it.”

“My life quality as well as the one of my family have increased significantly. I feel that Qigong has given me my life back. ”

anna barn familj hangmatta1000

Read how some of our participants experience that their qigong training affects family life.


“Training contributes to better stress handling and one of the effects is that you become more present when you are together with the children. It is a positive circle and the children feel more satisfied.”

Read more about Torstein here.



“I do suffer from pain and there is still quite a distance to go, but thanks to Zhineng Qigong I and my family have got a considerably improved quality of life! The difference is so huge that it feels difficult trying to put it in words.”

Read more about Berith here. 



“Regarding my mood swings, my partner tells me I seem much more harmonious now and he had noticed that I can deal with personal conflicts with a greater calm.”

Read more about Johanna here. 



“My life quality as well as the one of my family have increased significantly. I feel that Qigong has given me my life back. ”

Read more about Camilla here.  



“My daughter has also noticed that I'm more calm. If should be irritaded one day, she usually asks: 'Mum, have you practiced today?'"

Read more about Bodil here. 



“Even people around me notice my changes. One day my daughter told me that she thinks that I listen to her much better now.”

Read more about Lotta here.


We organize courses in different cities, you can read more about our courses here. 

nynashamn anna tobbe bebis1200

Happy Easter!

Sring has arrived with light and warmth. Many celebrate by eating their favourite food, and spending time with their loved ones, and maybe going for walks and gathering  signs of spring. Whatever you do, we hope that you do, it with peace and joy, and we wish you a very Happy Easter from the European Zhineng Qigong "family"!

Here comes a mixture of spring pictures of flowers and embroidered shoes which might inspire.

blomma gul var3 2019

blomma vit var 2019

qigongskor broderi faglar annis

blomma gul var2 2019

Learn More About Qigong, Meridians and Acupoints

Many of our students who practice Zhineng Qigong wish that they could help their loved ones with different kinds of health problems. What we mainly recommend is to invite others to join a Qigong course, and start to practise themselfs. However, sometimes there might be obstacles, for various reasons, to attend a course. A Tuina treatment may, in such cases, be an alternative to help family and friends. In addition, it may create curiosity and interest in later wanting to join a course.



Tuina is an umbrella term for different kinds of body therapy, and what we teach is called Acupoint Tuina. During the course you learn about the meridian system and acupoints, which also give those of you who have practiced for a long time greater understanding and insights about Qigong. To get better effects from Tuina, the practitioner/therapist must have power and strength, and this you get by practicing Qigong.

Weituo Jin

In conjunction to the Tuina course we also teach Weituo Jin, a Qigong method with the purpose of building power and strength in the practitioner/therapist. Learning Weituo Jin is mandatory if you want to learn Tuina. The method is also good to practice for therapists working in other areas – to be able to provide better treatments for others but also to build yourself up.

wtj karoline bratland norge

The qi-field

When you join a Tuina course for the first time you also have to learn Weituo Jin (2+2 days). As in all of our other courses we practice in our strong qi-field for these four days, which gives us a lot and helps us to get good results. If you want to learn more about the qi-field, click here. If you only want to practice Weituo Jin, you can book 2 days only.

In Spring 2019 we will arrange these courses in Gothenburg May 2-3 and in Stockholm May 30 – June 2.

Course registration:
Gothenburg: click here.
Stockholm: click here.

Tuina helped Gun-Erna with whiplash, serious tremors and a complicated fracture

“I noticed at once that it was effective. The pain markedly lessened. I had more energy, could concentrate more, and also slept better.”
This is what Gun-Erna writes about the effects that came about when she started to get Tuina treatments from her son. She has continued to get Tuina every time they’ve seen each other, and her improvements contenue. Among other things, pains from a serious traffic accident have been greatly reduced. Click here to read Gun-Erna's full story.

If you want to read the course report from this Autumn’s course in Oslo, click here.


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