Qigong Project in Stockholm 2005

Project in Stockholm 2005

European Zhineng Qigong Center, headed by Su Dongyue, arranged a six-week project called "Project 2005" in January - March 2005. The project consisted of 60 hours of practice and was open for anyone to participate in. A total of 43 persons participated. The training diligence was high: 30 of the participants joined every occasion or just missed a single one. Members of the Asthma- and Allergy Association, the Migraine Association and the Brest Cancer Association (Amazona) in Stockholm County as well as the other participants got the opportunity to learn and practice Zhineng Qigong.

The training is simple and natural with the purpose to give people a higher quality of life, and it has already proved its ability to help many.

The project was mainly financed by the participants themselves but European Zhineng Qigong Center also subsidized the price. Furthermore, the participants from the Brest Cancer association were sponsored to a certain degree by the Cancer Help Association.

The participants' state of health prior to the start of the project varied. Many of them had problems with stress, pain, lack of energy and other problems that are typical for people of our time. Several persons had problems with asthma. Before and after the project, the participants answered questions about their health state in a number of general medical problem areas. In addition to these surveys, both lung capacity (by means of so called "PEF") and blood pressure were measured.

To be included in the final evaluation, the participants were required to join at least 45 out of the 60 hours of training. The result of both surveys shows that 72% of the participants felt better or much better with regards to pain complaints after having trained Zhineng Qigong. In addition to this, 83% had reduced their stress and 77% had less sleeping problems. Regarding depressions, 85% found their situation better or much better than before. The same share of the participants, 85 %, felt that they had got more energy. Finally, 27 out of 31 persons improved their lung function, even though most of them already had a good function. The average improvement for the five participants with the worst lung capacity was 23%.

Zhineng Qigong doesn't treat specific illnesses. The training aims to strengthen the whole human being; both the physical and the mental health are being affected in a positive direction. The evaluation showed that the health state of the participants had improved in many different problem areas, even though the amount of training was rather small from a Qigong point of view.

The most important result from the project was that the participants got a deeper understanding of how to deal with life and all challenges that are part of it. Guided by the principals and the philosophy of Zhineng Qigong, it's easier to handle difficulties and problems, resulting in less suffering. The philosophy together with the physical training, that gives us more life energy, is a good way to live a happier and more harmonious life.

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