Qigong Project with Breast Cancer Association Amazona 2003

The Breast Cancer Association Amazona of Stockholm County and European Zhineng Qigong Center carried out a joint project called "Project 2003". Fifty-two members of the patient organization together received teaching and training from European Zhineng Qigong Center, under the leadership of Qigong Master Su Dongyue. The training is simple and natural with the purpose to give people a higher quality of life, and it has already proved its ability to help many. On account of the fine results of previous projects with asthmatics/allergics and migrainics, the CURO – the National association for cancer patients, contributed financially to the project.

Practicing with the Breast Cancer Association Amazona Before the project the participants' state of health varied. The majority of them were considered recovered after their treatment for breast cancer while some were receiving treatment during the period, for the first time or after a relapse. Several of them had problems with stress, pain, low energy levels and other problems typical of people nowadays. In addition to the basic course of twelve hours they practised together one evening a week for three months, totalling 34 hours of training time. After finishing the project the participants filled in a questionnaire asking them about general types of problems as well as problems more specific to breast cancer patients.

To be included in the final evaluation they were asked to have participated for 24 out of 34 training hours in total. The following are some examples of the results: 71 % of the participants with pain got better or much better, while 74 % found improvements on their stress problems. Regarding depression, 32 % replied that their situation was much better. The flush, a typical problem after treatment for breast cancer, was also reduced. 7 out of 15 people with flushes found an improvement on that condition.

Zhineng Qigong does not treat specific illnesses. The training should result in the person as a whole being strengthened, and physical as well as mental health being influenced in the direction of a better and healthier state. The evaluation shows that the participants made improvements on a number of different types of problems, in spite of the fact that they had relatively few hours of training from the Qigong point of view.