Qigong Project with Asthma-, Allergy- and Migraine associations 2000

In the Autumn of 2000 The Asthma and Allergy Association of Stockholm County, The Migraine Association of Stockholm County and European Zhineng Qigong Center together arranged a project called "Project 2000". Members of the two patient associations together learned and practised Zhineng Qigong from European Zhineng Qigong Center under the leadership of Qigong Master Su Dongyue. Zhineng Qigong is a simple and natural practise which aims to improve people's quality of life and it has previously showed its ability to help many people. Acknowledging the good results of the Asthma and Allergy Project of 1997, the Swedish Public Health Board decided to contribute to the financing of Project 2000.

Asthmatics and migrainics practice Zhineng Qigong

In total, the participants practised 80 hours together, during a period of 8 weeks. Immediately before as well as directly after the project, the participants went through medical checkups, the asthmatics/allergics by assistant professor Olle Zetterström, director at the Allergy Centre, the University Hospital, Linköping, and the migrainics by Bjarne Lembke, specialist at company health care and head of the Migraine School. In addition to the medical checkups the entire group also answered various questions regarding their state of health, pain, stress, energy levels etc. The age of the participants ranged from about 20 to 75. Their state of health also differed, with some suffering a lot from their disease while others suffered from relatively minor complaints. Some of them were under rather heavy drug treatment and others used less medication. Apart from asthma/allergy and migraine the participants also suffered from a great number of health problems, physical ones as well as mental ones. Several of them suffered from depression.

To be included in the final evaluation one had to join 75%of the training period, i.e. at least 60 of a total of 80 hours. In summary it can be said that the results of the migrainics are similar to those achieved by the asthmatics at the previous project while the results of asthmatics/allergics this time was even better than at the 1997 project. As an example, of the group as a whole, i.e. both patient groups put together, more than 70% have recovered partly or completely from pain. The same result was found regarding stress.

Among the asthmatics 14% completely stopped their drug treatment for asthma while another 48% reduced without stopping it. The remaining 38% were at the same level as before the project. Nobody increased their medication, in spite of the fact that the need to increase medication is common for the patient category as such at this time of the year, when the weather gets colder and more humid. Assistant professor Olle Zetterström comments that there is "a clear change" and it "can probably be characterized as clinically significant".

Among the migrainics there was a clear reduction of medication for some individuals while for the group as a whole there was no clear tendency. Bjarne Lembke comments on this in his report with the notion that there are "very great individual variations" and that "since migraine is a very individual illness it is difficult to analyse the results on migraine alone, but one rather has to consider the pain syndrome as such".

Zhineng Qigong does not treat individual illness such as asthma or migraine. The training should make the person as a whole stronger and both physical and mental health should change for the better and the more sound. As a result, the evaluation shows that the participants have achieved a positive result on much more beside their asthma/allergy or migraine. For some the results come rather quickly while others need more time and training.