Qigong Project with Stena Line 1997

Stena line personell practicing Zhineng Qigong. Lead by Qigong master Su Dongyue, 21 employees at Stena Line practised Zhineng Qigong for 9 and a half days in April 1997. They had all been sick-listed for a long time with pains from injuries in the back, neck and shoulders. Many of them had sleeping problems and chronic headaches. Most of them were also under mental strain because of their problems. The purpose was to remove or reduce their state of pain and to improve health as a whole.

After the project almost all participants reported physical and mental improvements. Some of them completely recovered from their disease. Even those who did not fully recover were in a better emotional state. They found that practising Zhineng Qigong brought help and relief in their situation.


The Harbour and Shipping Health Organisation and the Stena Line Staff Department together designed a questionnaire to be filled in by the selected employees before the course and immediately after the course. A medical doctor was invited and he chose to measure the walking pulse rate under equal conditions before and after the training. A normalization was found, with a reduction of the rate from 117.5 to 101.5 per minute, indicating a considerable reduction of strain to the heart and an improvement of health as a whole.

Percent of participants who got improvements after 9 days Zhineng Qigong practicing

The chart shows the percentage of participants reporting a reduction in pain, sleeping problems and depression after the project as compared to before.

Average pulse at work before and after 9 days of Qigong practise

The chart shows the average change in the walking pulse rate, tested before and after the project.