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My Story

Gittania ei enää suonikohjut tai huono ryhti vaivaa

Published: 10 Oct 2014

Gittania ei enää suonikohjut tai huono ryhti vaivaaQigongin kautta säärikipu ja lievä virtsankarkailu häipyi. Olkapäät ovat parantuneet ja verenpaine sekä veriarvot ovat normaalit kiitos qigongin.

Mira's fibromyalgia disappeared

Published: 27 Oct 2009

Mira's fibromyalgia disappearedMy symptoms lasted for several years and were very pronounced. My quality of life was so poor that I was proposed for disability pension. Today I have no pains, I take no medication and I have been working full time for several years.

Latest News

Thinking of What to Pack for the Summer Course?

Very soon the summer courses are here and there are many who will take the course for the first time. With you in mind we have put together a proposal for a packing list that you can use to get some inspiration when it is time for you to start packing. We also gathered tips from experienced summer course participants about things that might be good to bring. If you where to forget something at home, it is not the whole world. Grocery stores and a pharmacy are within walking distance. Please note that the older 1, 2 and 5-krona and the older 100 and 500-krona are becoming invalid after June 30 due to the banknote and coin changeover. We do not have the means to handle payment with the expiring money.

You can get a copy of the list here.

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 486EZQ Sommarkursen2016 488




Summer Course One Almost Fully Booked

The first 9-day course is now almost fully booked and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Nossebro. Before the summer courses a good way to think is that we always have something new to learn and more to understand in the practise. Our Qi field becomes stronger year by year, the chance to improve our Gongfu and health gets higher and higher. We wish all of you a nice midsummer and wonderful summer course, welcome!

EZQ Sommarkursen2016 499

Kerstin - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about Kerstin who participated in the Summer Course for the first time last year, 2016. She came to the course thanks to her daughter, who participated the previous year and had very good results. This summer they both return.

I am here because I have heard so many positive things about the Summer Courses. My daughter and my cousin have both had very good results.

Kerstin and LiviaI started doing Zhineng qigong because I have an ankle that is still bothering me, 40 years after I broke it. I am stiff in every part of my body and have pain in my shoulders and back. Most of the time I feel very tired and I have a stomach problem. Moreover, I was born with a deformity of the legs in relation to the knees. During this Summer Course, I feel my ankle is improving and the left leg has been straightened out. I also feel more calm. I definitely will come back to the Summer Courses in the future. I feel that I have found a form of training that I can use for the rest of my life and keep me vital. It is wonderful to be here with my daughter and experience this together and later to be able to do some qigong together when we meet.

Livia - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about 21 year old Livia and why she returns to the summer courses year after year.

I had a knee injury that made it very difficult for me, I could barely walk, but that disappeared during my first summer course in 2015. I then also discovered that I am doing well and feel good in every way.


It is delightful to attend the Summer courses. There is a wonderful community and you socialize with people of different ages. Everybody gives a helping hand and although so many live together it works out amazingly. It’s fun to experience this a couple of weeks a year. Last year I brought my mom with me and she has, like me, had improvements. We have the same genetic defect of the legs. Because of this defect I was so injured that I could barely walk after working as a waitress in Australia.

When I started training I did not feel so good mentally, but today I feel much better. I'm very grateful.
I had been training with European Zhineng Qigong before, but it was quite another thing at the Summer course. It was there I realized that Zhineng qigong is so much more than just the movements and that this method can help me in so many ways. The mind-set, the way of thinking helps me. I have more energy, I need less sleep and I am happier.