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Nossebro 2010 beskuren 960 med eng text02

European Zhineng Qigong

My Story

Here we have gathered our participants’ stories about what improvements they have achieved by practicing with us. By practicing qigong, you can improve your physical and mental health. Since we all are individuals with different starting points, the health improving results show themselves in many different ways. What is important is that everyone has the opportunity to improve their health through the training and this is confirmed by the personal stories.


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Qigong makes John's life easier

Published: 23 Sep 2009

Qigong makes John's life easierJohn's work and everyday life function better thanks to Zhineng Qigong. He is calmer, stronger and his tinnitus is gone.

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The pain in Samsom's knee disappeared

Published: 20 Jul 2009

The pain in Samsom's knee disappearedSamsom got osteoarthritis from a surgery in his knee. That caused him severe pain and he lost hope. By practising Zhineng Qigong the pain has disappeared and he got his life back.

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Åsa's migraines disappeared after the Winter Course with Shenxin Qigong

Published: 19 Mar 2012

Åsa's migraines disappeared after the Winter Course with Shenxin QigongÅsa has been suffering from migraines and headaches since she was 6 years old. After the Winter Course 2012 she hasn't had any migraine attacks and also feels like her body is lighter and her eyesight is better. As a small bonus her singing voice has improved.

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Elisabeth's eyes have improved

Published: 08 Sep 2010

Elisabeth's eyes have improvedElisabeths neck and shoulders have improved. Her eyes are much better as well.

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Tennis elbow is no longer an issue for Anita

Published: 02 Feb 2009

Tennis elbow is no longer an issueAnita had big problems with a tennis elbow but since she started to practice Qigong it has not been bothering her any longer. She has also learnt to handle her depression.

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Thor's terrible headaches disappeared

Published: 02 Apr 2012

Thor is 79 years old, has Horton's Headache and has suffered from very intense headaches for the last four years. After attending a weekend Hold Qi Up course, his headaches have stopped and he is pain free.

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John and Simon – Why I Return to the Summer Course Year After Year

Read about why John returns to the Summer Courses every year. Nowadays he joins the Summer Course together with his son Simon.


“To participate in the Summer Course is obvious to me nowadays”

The Summer Courses give me a lot. Apart from the training, one always reaches new insights and experiences and it is also fun to meet all the others who are practising. The training makes me feel strong, calm, alert and happy, and more focused. After a Summer Course, I am more motivated to practise more at home.

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“Everyone here is very nice, and I really enjoy being here”

This is the third year that I am attending the Summer Course and it is the second year I am participating in the training. I attended my first week-end course when I was six years old. It is fun to come here and meet all my friends who I only meet here at the courses. Everyone is very nice, and I really enjoy being here. I have also become friends with some adults. The training gives me energy and I feel happier after a course. After the Summer Course I also feel calmer. And I can more easily focus. I feel that the qigong training helps me in every way. Me and my dad practise together at home!

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”The Training Allows me to Handle my Illness Better”

Long-term illness

Falling ill can be overwhelming and leave you feeling powerless, especially during a long-term illness. Read more about participants who get relief from being able to influence their wellbeing.


“I've made such progress. Today I have a tool with which I can influence my life and my health. I feel a confidence and a security in Qigong. If I feel bad I practise more. The feeling of being able to influence myself is of great importance. I don't feel like a victim of a chronic disease even though I'm far from healthy. Today, I can handle my bad times better mentally in a whole new way. But these come more seldom and the pain is less severe.”

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“The training helps me handle my disease better. I can keep a distance and I feel mentally stronger.”

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“I associate qigong with possibilities and hope – a self training art where I can influence my situation myself.”

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“The training makes me happy and it makes me glad to be able to rule my body. Qigong is a wonderful way to move and at the same time get fast improvements – both physically and mentally. I never thought the results would come this fast. Best of all is that I can practice every day and almost at any place!”

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“My thoughts about my own life, my dreams and ambitions have changed. Now I do not want to do things which do not give me more energy and joy. Life is too precious not to be respected and part of the respect of my own life is definitely my continued Qigong training.”

Read more about Björn here


"Qigong gives me the strength to make choices that I know benefits my wellbeing”

Read more about Elisabeth here

We arrange courses in many different places, read more about our courses here.


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Åsa - Why I Come Back to the Summer Course Year After Year

”As a result of my attending the Summer Courses I cope with autumn in a better way”

”I joined my first Summer Course in 2011 and have since attended all 18 days each year. In the beginning I returned to the Summer Courses because of my migraine. That problem has gradually got better since I started to practice qigong. But in recent years I come not only for my physical health but also because the training has given me an inner calm. As a result of my attending the Summer Courses, I cope with my work a little better when autumn comes. I also have more motivation and can manage both everyday life and my family life better.”


“There was a great improvement with the migraine in the spring of 2012, but also in other areas of my health. In the past, I had several migraine attacks a month but now these attacks have become considerably milder and if they come at all, they have nearly no effect on me. I used to take preventative medicines which I do not need anymore. I knew nothing about qigong when I started practicing EZQ. A friend who used to have problems with his back had become better by practicing qigong told me about EZQ. So I just wanted to test because I too had stiff shoulders and neck. My first impression was that everyone was so open and warm. I liked it.”

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We are Quickly Approaching the Summer Course

Now it is not long until the Summer Course! With about three months left to these 9 or 18 days of training it is time to put it in the calendar. Do you want to warm up with reading the course reports from last year you can find them here: Summer Course one and Summer Course two.

For many the Summer Courses are an annual event. During the spring we will publish some articles where participants tell about why they return to the Summer Courses year after year. Read and get inspired by their progress. The first article is about Åsa who tells about how she got help with migraine, the ability to create an inner calm and to cope with work during autumn. During the last two years we have published similar articles before the Summer Courses began. Click on the following names to read more about Fredrik, Marlene, Tove and Lorna.

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